Leeds v Derby play-off semi final 2nd leg - ko 7.45pm


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Why the %^*& did Leeds ever drop their young keeper?

This guy is a diddy and their season has gone downhill since they started playing him and Bamford


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Cracking pass and finish for Derby's 4th but what the hell was the Leeds defender thinking charging out like Amoruso / Boumsong?

That goal probably doesn't happen if he stays back.


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Lampard v JT at Wembley then lol
What do Leeds do if they don’t make it? I reckon Bielsa will walk.


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would have enjoyed seeing a Bielsa side in the EPL but this looks done now.
Izzy Brown, who came on for Leeds just now, was on loan at Brighton a while back and looked excellent for half an hour. Then his hammy went and he was barely seen again. Sounds like his team at Leeds has gone the same way. Tidy player but made of wafers.

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