Leeds v Derby play-off semi final 2nd leg - ko 7.45pm


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Some game for the neutral , not so much if you were a fan of either club .

Some terrible defending but also some real top drawer finishing .

Thoroughly enjoyed it.


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Derby fans and that joy.

Makes me want those days of success even more.

Imagine Killie away for the last title, but amplified 10 fold? :)


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Derby played well and deserved that tonight. Pleased for Lampard.

Leeds blew it not only tonight but over the last 6 weeks or so as they could have gained automatic promotion. A real sore one for their fans who are very loyal.


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Smashing game, feel sorry for Leeds fans who must have thought this was to be their night. But what a result for Derby County, it must be one of the greatest in their history, a night to remember.


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As I said earlier in the thread, a terrific game for the neutral, but not for Leeds leaning folk like me.

I've seen a lot of Leeds this season and there was almost an inevitability about this result.

However, the excitement was mainly caused by blunder after blunder in both teams.

Neither of them have close to the same ball retention and defensive capabilities of us.

Rangers would pass both of them off the park and beat either of them.

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