Memories of Julian Rodriguez

Kanye West

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I remember being quite optimistic about this guy.

Again though his reality didn’t match up to the CV.

gi joe

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Getting subbed by Durrant against Dunfermline after 34 minutes after one of the worst performances I have ever seen .


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Mostly garbage, but I do seem to remember there was a period where he looked like he was starting to come on to a game. He subsequently got injured and not long after was punted on a free to Marseille. He was back in the French national team not long after. Another Martin Bain masterstroke.


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My main memory of him is the CL game v Porto where he just focused on wrestling his man into the goal rather than defending at both goals.
Came on to post this, the most bizarre thing I have ever witnessed, if he had turned round at any time he could have cleared the ball away that was trickling into the goal


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Like several round that time. Not motivated and then probably paid to leave.

The club waa not a well run thing at that point.
Had a brief decent period but him and Kyrgiakos as partners was the stuff of nightmares. Honestly looked like the 2 of them would rather wrestle a man than bother with defending.

The dark arts of defending I get are often needed but they lacked any kind of subtlety, and yet still somehow we'd concede soft set piece goals.


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He just couldn’t cope with high crosses into the box. Bit like the type of central defender that Mark Warburton favoured.


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I worked in a bar for years and that involved loads of shitty Saturday and Sunday shifts, meaning I missed quite a lot of games over the years (including Helicopter Sunday) so I have no memories of Julian Rodrigues other than his name on the team sheet.

Nerf Herder

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Remember being at a game at Shittodrie where we had Rodriguez and Pierre-Fanfan at the back at it was a horror show.

Barry Ferguson and Fernando Ricksen spent most of the game giving them absolute pelters.


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Absolutely shitting himself up at the Pittodrie after we battled back from 2-0 down to get it to 2-2, the whites out of making a challenge just outside our box which leads to Abershitehole going 3-2 up to win the game.

Hap Hapablap

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The main character in one of the strangest things I've ever seen in football. Man handled a Porto player into the Broomloan goal, as Pepe wandered into score. Truly bizarre.


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I remember when he signed someone posted a YouTube video of him in a French game nearly decapitating some poor cnut with a seriously high challenge.

I kinda hoped we’d signed an ‘enforcer’ but he was actually a bit of a shitebag.


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He was a strange player from what I recall arrived with a decent reputation but at times he was average or brutal there wasn't much consistency from him. Remarkably his best performances came in the Champions League the last 16 campaign I think.