NUFC fans boycotting St James’s


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I like Newcastle fans like us only loyal to one club and hate Ashley too. But for there own good I hope they go the way of Sunderland and be made to start again. The sooner folk realise the likes of Ashley is sucking the game dry.

Plus last I heard hiring Steve fucking Bruce and not doing enough to keep Rafa benitez is diabolical talk about a major comedown.

When Stevie G goes to bigger things with our blessings it like us going for Steven Robinson from Motherwell.
What a load of guff!

T9 Row

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Was speaking to a friend today who lives in Newcastle, he reckons the number will be much higher not renewing, first instalment of direct debits have been taken for a lot of tickets but there is a movement now to cancel them.
They have been sleep walking. Ashley will keep all the merch deals and will suck them dry for eternity.

Like what he is trying to do with us.
100% they will never be rid of him fully. Doesn't surprise me that so many take over bids have failed once they get their eyes on the contracts hes tied them into.


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We know fine well how he operates he may 'sell' the club on but he will want his fingers firmly in the retail and merchandise pie of Newcastle


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Boycotts don't work against Billionaires, we were fortunate that we had people willing to buy shares and vote them out. Newcastle is a different proposition altogether as he owns all the shares and the fans can't buy them.
They have two choices, don't go and see the team they love or give the Club season ticket money.
What people on here are conveniently ignoring is that some of them have went to Newcastle to see Chelsea etc and funded this guy.

He did state 2 seasons ago he'd fuuk off if they won something.

That was the time rafa should have pressed forward with team effort in the Johnstone paints trophy, win it and got rid of the fat chancin bastard.
Fat parasitic bastard still sucking the life blood from two of the country’s biggest football institutions. Both supports could and should have done much much more to have him forcibly removed from the game for good. Sadly for Newcastle it’s quite evident the geordies are even more apathetic than us and their club looks set to suffer financially for years to come as that piece of human escrement continues to milk them dry.
Difference is we have a board and fans that will win the war, no matter how many battles we need to fight

Captain Cutlass

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Too little too late, Should have been done years ago.
Of course it is but I have a degree of sympathy for the Newcastle fans.
They're amongst the most loyal fans in the country and the very idea of boycotting their club was just unthinkable...and I get that!
I just hope that now the penny's dropped and they've finally realised that the only way to get rid of the fat bastard is to turn your back on your club, they get the result they want and need.


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Would boycotts make that much of a difference to the parasite? The amount of money that will be paid to Newcastle in sponsorship deals would surely dwarf season ticket money?

Ali Baba

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It’s a start and we on here sometimes forget our boycott wasn’t universally supported and some within our support used it to their advantage and got better seats and boasted about it on social have to start somewhere while our boycott did hit the rats in the pocket it was the business skills of Dave King and the three bears who outmaneuverd the rats.
This all day long.Lost my seat (at that time of 30 years).Luckly got one same seat 3 rows down so not to bad.I approached the guy who got in there explained my boycott asked for a swap.No thanks fancied this position for ages was his reply.Thats the way it goes miss the guys I sat with but lucky to get a new one I suppose.

Grant K

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It’s not so much too little to late more they were done the moment he bought the club. We saw how quickly he was able to start to get a stranglehold at Ibrox imagine how much easier it was at Newcastle where he had unfettered access to all the income streams.

A boycott won’t work as he does not care about the club and the other income streams will continue to produce cash. Who is going to buy the club when these same income streams will almost certainly be tied down for years to come. Difficult to see any escape from his clutches and we look at what may also have been our fate.


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This isn’t a boycott, it’s just a reallocation of season tickets to different people. Same thing happened with our season ticket “boycott” a few years ago. All that happened was someone else sat in the seat I’d owned for years.