Pele claims he was a better player than ‘one skill’ Lionel Messi


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Brazilian football legend Pele has launched an astonishing attack on Barcelona star Lionel Messi by claiming he has just ‘one-skill’.

The three-time World Cup winner claimed he was the better player because he was a more complete performer than the Argentina forward.

Pele also added that Diego Maradona was a ‘much better’ player than the five-time Ballon D’Or winner as he addressed a wave of assessments of the current crop of the world’s best players

“How can you make a comparison between a guy who heads the ball well, shoots with the left, shoots with the right and another who only shoots with one leg, only has one skill and doesn’t head the ball well?” Pele told Folha de Sao Paulo when asked about Messi.

“How can you compare? To compare with Pele, it has to be someone who shoots well with the left, shoots well with the right, and scores headers.”

He also dismissed any claims that there are similarities between Messi and Maradona, who he believes is one of the greatest players of all time.

"As far as I’m concerned, Maradona was one of the best players ever. If you ask me, 'Was he better than Messi?' Yes, he was. Much better. [Franz] Beckenbauer, [Johan] Cruyff were also excellent players."


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Senile old floppy cock.

Basically what he’s saying is he could score more with his head and left foot. Given messi’s ridiculous passing, and dribbling ability paired with his vision and penchant for outscoring practically everyone, I seriously doubt floppy cock was a better all rounder.

Khal Drogo

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I wonder how he'd compare himself to Ronaldo, who does do all those things?

Anyway, him and the guys he mentioned were the best players in their era, Messi (and Ronaldo) are the greatest players of this era

Its different times, you can't compare the game in the 60's, 70's, 80's with now. A lot of things are different. And even if you could, people will still have their own opinions


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Most goals scored in a season by Maradona - 43
Messi has surpassed this 7 times in the past decade, Messi is the greatest

But we'll let you believe that. Playing in a generation where the slightest touch is a foul, pitches like bowling greens as opposed to mud baths and absolute hatchet men defenders etc.

It's not even a contest all from the comfort of Barca in teams full of stars.

Jaws II

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I agree with him on Maradona.

Messi has done all his stuff mostly for one club who have top class players in all positions.
He has also done nothing at international level, unlike Pele or Maradona.
They are all ridiculously good but I think Maradona is the best footballer ever.

one rangers one love

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I hate all these whos the best footballer ever debates.

When asked I seriously say Manuel Francisco dos Santos "the little bird" Garrincha

Not only am I being 100% sincere but he was technically disabled.

He defo would have got a orange badge for his motor defo.

Seriously read up on the guy and watch the few clips on him on youtube the things he could do with what you would call a medicine ball compared to these floaters now a day was unbelievable.

He did lose his virginity to a goat though so probably would have been happy with last nights result.


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Wasnt banned at the time he used it, messi is the best player I have ever seen

I think you'll find it was banned by the IOC , he went from a projected height of 4 foot 11 to 5 foot 7 inches .........

It may not have been performance enhancing but you can't say he never benefited from the growth steroid or why have it in the 1st instance , ps I'm not doubting his talent and genius

Davie Cooper

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Pele was on a different level from any player IMO, then its Maradona not far behind, as good as Messi is he is still not in their class.
They played in a different era, defenders aren't allowed to tackle now making the game easier for skilful players.

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