Poll: Have you had a tour of Ibrox?

Have you had a tour of Ibrox?

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Yes. Twice with the Founders Trail, and once with a work colleague

Got a sort of free reign last year to look around, when helping out at the Breakfast with Santa last Christmas.


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not done the official tour, but have had a look around the trophy room, sat in the dugout, press room marble stairs etc


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I’ve got a voucher for free tour for 6 I won at a race night, won it last year hopefully it’s not expired.


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I did the tour as a child and again a few years ago. A few years ago there was a wee elderly woman doing the tour too and she was 98! Will always remember her. I would definitely do the tour again.


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Done the tour a good few times.When people say we should have a museum I believe our stadium is our museum.
Our whole history is wrapped up in the place.
Yes,there is an argument for somewhere to show our origins right through to the present day but I would hope that could actually be a part of the stadium rather than an additional add on


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Done the tour five times. First time in 1981, last time last year. I have every intention of doing it again. Never get tired of seeing such a fantastic and historical place


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a few times - once in the 80's - met Jock Wallace, Davie Cooper and Hugh Burns. Went about two years ago and took my two boys with me. Rangers staff was excellent .


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I've done it three times and loved it each time. The trophy room is superb!

Hope to do it a fourth time soon.

Much better than going to a game in my opinion.

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Havent done an official tour but had the pleasure as 12 year old of myself, dad, uncle and cousins being invited by Jock Wallace for a personal tour.
Jock was amazing and it was a privilege to walk up the marble staircase and be shown around by a true Rangers legend


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Done the tour four times, the last one last year with the Founders trail. Finish your off with a visit to the restaurant in Argyle Suite.


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I’ve not done the official tour but have been all around the inside of the main stand during a Matchday inclusing trophy room etc. It was Warbs first home game vs Burnley) my lad was a Mascot that day.


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No. Not yet. However literally just planning a trip back up the road in April for my birthday with some friends and we're going to book it for then. Can think of nothing better than starting my birthday at Ibrox.

No bad reasons why I haven't been. Moved away years ago and everytine I'm up its booked up.

Can't wait to do it.


A very long time ago. Wanted to take the kids when I was over in July but there was no availability so planning on taking them next year at some point!


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I’ve done the full tour twice and been in the Trophy room lots of times as part of hospitality.
Been on the tour a few times and been on a tour of the HTC when Bain was still there.

My old man had his 60th birthday party in one of the suites in the Main Stand. Had puctures taken in the tunnel and the dugout.

Doors from the suite lead out into thè stands and were open all night. Had a nice wee moment to myself, reminiscing about everything I'd seen from my seat in the Copland over the years, out in the stand in one of the seats with no one else outside but me. One of life's Pefrect moments.


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Like many, I did it as part of the Founders Tour.

One of the last things I did with my Mum & Dad before he died, so I'm especially glad I did it.

Also had the pleasure of meeting Tiny - great to put a face to a name and she was a class act.


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No real reason for asking other than every now and then, a poster on here says they haven't been on a tour and I genuinely think it's a must for any fan. So I'm just curious as to how many have not been.

The Founder's Trail tour is also a must!

Edit: if not, why not?

Edit2: I've been 3 times and every time was just as interesting.
What is the founders trail ? I done the stadium tour years ago but don’t think this was part of it.

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Done it as part of the Founders Trail nearly 10 years ago.
Tiny was our guide.
Rather poignantly for myself it was the last time I ever saw my best friend.
"Breathe in the history" - his words on the day.

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Not been yet but definitely doing it next year .
Anyone know if it’s on during the weekends ?
Fri Sat and Sunday.10.30 12.30 and 2.30.
All depends on our home fixtures obviously and availability.
I took my dad,father-in-law and Uncle on the 10.30 this morning as the other 2 tours today were full.

Tour lasts for around 1 and half hours.

There was a fella from Siberia on the tour this morning.The tour guide asked him if he supported Rangers.
He replied in broken English “I believe in Jesus”:)