Rangers announce £6,750,000 share offer to fans - Rangers shares have been issued


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Pre-register now: https://bit.ly/3oRxRfy (CAPITAL AT RISK)


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I'm a fan of this, rank and file supporters havent had the chance to invest directly for a while as an individual. No doubt it will be painted as something to worry about by the people who hate us but I'm definitely going to buy some.

Virgil Hilts

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Would the plc be allowed to consider increasing the size of the offering if it looks like it will be oversubscribed?


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Undermines Dave Kings attempts to sell his shares I'll be willing to put money into the club through this however I'll give others the chance to see how the perception is around this



Will this be separate from any shares purchased via RST?
I assume so. Once the issue is complete all the shares will be held in a nominee account - you then take your shares out via a process called dematerialisation and at that point the share certificate is in your own name.


Please note - supporters clubs can band together to buy shares - you register them in the name of your club secretary for instance - and back it up with your own document explaining how the shares are to be distributed if the purchase is ever broken up.

It looks like punters in Canada, America and Australia (and I presume some other jurisdictions) can't participate - if registering from there use your mum's address in the UK!

Kilsyth Unionist

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Is Vialli’s company involved in this offering?

What a player.
Good guy as well.
Remember hearing him in an interview then there was another a while later with Tosh Mckinley.
Vialli spoke clearer and understanding of the English language was better than Mckinleys.
Every sentence ended with “ so it is” or “ you know”
Thats what happens when people send their weans to a RC school( amongst other things)


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Is this something you'd likey ever make money back on (I'm very naïve and know very little!) Interested in getting the minimum £500 from a pure sentimental standpoint that it would be nice to have stock in my club but would also be good to know the pros and cons of others


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The timing is absolutely correct.

The interesting thing for me is going to be the choice for many between doing this or supporting the C1872 attempt to buy King's shares. Some may do both, but it wont be many IMO and money to the club is better than money to the King family (with all due respect).

I think it has the potential to kill the C1872 purchase stone dead.


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Very keen on this. Look forward to seeing details.

Was a shareholder in the past but lost them all in 2012.