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thornhill bear

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Got to be happy with this so far. They are very good at the high press and we need to be careful with our passing. Saying that they have not made Shagger actually work. Everyone working hard, need more of th3 same second half


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You new to this fitba thing.?

This is probably the best team we will play all season. They've had 100 million spent on them and it shows.

We're doing fine.
I don't give a big poo how good they are. I still want us to get a better grip.

As far as being new, I've been a fan for 60+ plus years. How new are you?


Really hard fought game.

I still struggle sometimes with just how far we have come and how well we consistently hold our own (at the very least) in europe now. It will be something else to see this team in the champions league. Keep going strong Rangers.


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We're putting some shift in here. We're having to though. Benfica are a really good team. Some top players. Rangers one up and doing us proud once again. Would take that all day long.

Graham - Gersnet Pod

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That'll do nicely. Same again in the second half will do for me.

We're being a bit more cautious here tonight which is the right way to go about our business. Provided we do break quickly when we have it then they are there for another goal or perhaps two for us.


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They've had a fair bit of possession but when they've threatened to do anything with it, we've closed to door. Would prefer us to be a bit more on the front foot, but can't complain too much - they are a quality side.

Earl of Leven

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Very professional. A few stand out performances but team work was the key. Everyone working and doing what is asked.

NE Cornerbear

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They are a very good side, stats so far they have 55% possession, 30 dangerous attacks to our 17 and 2 corners to our none. Hope we can attack a bit more in second half to compliment our excellent defending.


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I think they will go all out in the second half and this will allow more space for Kent, Roofe and Alfie to get properly in behind them! Im thinking we will get at least another one!


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They are clearly a good team and keep the ball very well, also good at pressing us. However we are working very hard defensively and do pose a threat as our goal shows. Sometimes i think we have put ourselves under pressure by looking backwards too much whereas a little more belief to go forward would trouble them. Cant complain so far though.


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When you think back to the players and teams we have had over the years and our managers.

There must be an argument to say only Advocaats teams have been more comfortable in possession of the football.

It is night and day to some of the numerous European hot potato matches we have witnessed in the past.
Love it.


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This is a good team we are playing tonight.

I love the great football we play on the ball but this Rangers team also work so hard. Every single outfield player disciplined and doing the dirty work to stop the opposition getting space.

Benfica are too good not to create things, but I doubt they have played against a harder working team all season.

We really do look like we belong at this level, regardless how this game finishes.


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I wonder if this would be a good game for Itten, we have not really managed to keep the ball due to the quality of their pressing. He would give us a much needed out ball


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Terrific team performance so far against a top side. Alfie has been brilliant and a great work ethic throughout.


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Best team we have played this season but i'm sure Benfica thinks the exact same thing. Very pleased with the 1st half.


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Really solid and limiting a champions league quality team to no shots on target so far lot of 7/8s out of 10 all round get the 2nd and third to hopefully put it to bed they have been quite passive
We just look like a proper side who will give nothing away. Walter must be loving it.


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The only thing I’m not happy about is the goal kicks and the position of the 2 Centre Halfs. They look really awkward dealing with short pass from McGregor.


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Midfield has been well run by Davis to make sure thay cant play through us.

Alfie, Arfield & Kamara have played well but - FFS Tav , how did he miss that header :)


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Shaggers kicking brutal, other than that hasn't been threatened.

Apart from the one brain fart by Tav, the back four have been impeccable.

Midfield controlled without dominating.

Front three like a game of 'Shell game'.

Love to see it.