Rangers v Lech Poznan Score Predictions

What Will The Score Be?

  • Rangers 1-0

    Votes: 52 8.9%
  • Rangers 2-0

    Votes: 260 44.3%
  • Rangers 2-1

    Votes: 70 11.9%
  • Rangers 3-0

    Votes: 108 18.4%
  • Rangers 3-1

    Votes: 62 10.6%
  • Rangers 3-2

    Votes: 4 0.7%
  • Rangers 4 or More

    Votes: 21 3.6%
  • Draw

    Votes: 9 1.5%
  • Lech Poznan Win

    Votes: 1 0.2%

  • Total voters
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It’s still strange feeling so confident going into European games. They’re 10th in the Polish league. I fancy a comfortable win, 3-0.


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I’ll go for 4-2, think this movie will attack us and we’ll get the space that we normally do not domestically, expect Hagi to have a big influence on this one!

We Are Rangers

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Another victory would be amazing. Continues the winning run, another £500k banked, pole position to qualify, ideally with no injuries too- we’ll be laughing.

2-0 Rangers. Aribo and Tav.

Bottom Line

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This mob have only won 2 out 7 league games this season and they lead in 5 of those league games and they shipped 4 goals at home against Benfica,although it does looks like they have scored in every game this season I fully expect a convincing win,even if our perfect home record of conceding no goals ends,I`ll go 5-1


Going for 3-1 Rangers with there being a few near goals from them. They do look handy in front of goal but I'm hopeful we carry on with our strong defending and give them a real challenge.


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I think it will be another tense european game. I doubt it will be easy. No european ties are easy.

That’s why I went for 2-0

Big Buff

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They're a decent side on the counter, but they're bad defensively. Gaps all over the place, this is a game where the Arfield - Tav - Hagi triangle will thrive.
Just watched another game and I'm convinced there will be at least 5 goals in this game and they could go any way.

People thinking this'll be a dull routine win are in for a major shock. Lech are absolutely wild.

Art Corvelay

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5-2 to us.

Watched some clips of them and they look a real attacking force with a woeful defence. We're defending well but can see us conceding here but scoring a shitload.


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They qualified with 3 away wins against decent opposition, this will be a tough game

our home record is excellent though , a tougher than expected 2-1 win for us


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It's surreal that we're going into a group stage game as heavy favourites.

They're not in great form domestically, think this could be a 3-1 / 4-2 kind of game.


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I'm going for 2-0 Rangers and play the game out without further exertion - Killie away on Sunday is a massive game for us


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They qualified with 3 away wins against decent opposition, this will be a tough game

our home record is excellent though , a tougher than expected 2-1 win for us
That is how I see it. In several of our matches this season many of our opponents have missed gilt edged chances, which could have turned the match on its head. Hopefully if they get any it is the same result.

Difficult match with us coming out the winner by a goal.

Grigo Yossarian

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Thursday sees us resume EL action with our Club in fine fettle on 2 fronts.

In the 4 games we have played, including 3 qualifiers, 7 of our 13 goals have come from our defenders.

2 have come from midfield, Arfield & Kent.

4 from our strikers Morelos 2, Defoe & Roofe, for the record. (10 postimages posts per post, can't include in OP)

The thread is about the correct score obviously but who do you think will score for us also given 9 of our 13 goals have come from position other than striker?

Will the above influence any potential bets on the game also?

Tavernier & Aribo the goalscorers for me.


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4-1 comfortable win.. OG from Thomas Rogne to remind him how shite he was playing for the scum.

anyone know when the press conference will be for this?


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I know nothing about them, but they got two against Benfica so clearly have goalscoring ability.

I think we'll win 3-1, comfortably seeing out the game.
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