Rod Petrie Steps Down From SFA role (temporarily)

The Underfaker

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The Scottish FA regrets to announce that the President, Rod Petrie, has temporarily stepped down from his duties with immediate effect on health grounds.

On the advice of medical staff, Rod will require a period of recovery away from work and Mike Mulraney, the current Vice-President, will assume the role of President in the interim.

Mike Mulraney: “On behalf of the Scottish FA board, our people and Scottish football as a whole, I would like to wish Rod a speedy recovery.

“Rod has been a pillar of strength to the association throughout this COVID-19 pandemic and to me as Vice-President. It is now our turn to support Rod through his recovery.

“We look forward to seeing him back to full health soon but in the meantime I will work closely with our Chief Executive, Ian Maxwell, to continue to steer Scottish football through the uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

“I would ask that everyone respects Rod’s request for privacy during his recovery period.”


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Petrie was only ever holding the fort for Mulraney. I doubt that this is anything other than what it is - ill health of the president speeding up Mulraney's rise to the top.

MM is the fat Japs golden boy and has been getting lined up to take over for some time. This was always the plan and Petrie's health worries simply speed up the process

Now we really should worry. If you thought Petrie was bad you ain't seen nothing yet. And if you thought you'd witnessed some dodgy dealings bordering on corruption then buckle up.

We really need to cleanse the corridors of power in Scottish football. The fat Jap taking over from SR in the SPFL Board and MM as VP in the SFA while we attempt to win things on the pitch doesn't bear thinking about.

Need the upcoming Court Case to go the right way and then need to insist on the removal of every last one of the corrupt shower that are ruining our game.

Disco Deejay

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Hmmm. Let the man from Alloa run this show when the court cases are about to start. A man who is also on the SpFL board. Hmmm
A bit like Peter Lawwell, Mulraney isn't on the SPFL Board at present . . . Well, not officially anyway.

Ewen Cameron, also of Alloa Athletic, is though and will do whatever he is told by Mulraney, who in turn will do whatever he is told by Lawwell.

tottie beck

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Is it coincidence that this is happening when the SPFL and Celtic are are being challenged, or is it something more sinister?


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This has Cabal written all over it. Either evidence of something points to Petrie or Mulreany is being brought in to punish Hearts. It truly is a shi*show.

Disco Deejay

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Call me a cynic, but with what is going on at present, it is a pretty convenient time to fall ill.

Petrie is no friend of Rangers, but is not in the same league as others in power at the SFA, such as Mulraney, Doncaster & Clare Whyte, who do whatever their master Lawwell asks.


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Just when the SFA couldn't be more incompetent they make things worst for themselves by filling the vacant role with one of Liewells puppets. Unbelievable but not surprised.