Russia v Scotland Match Thread (**Please Stay on Topic**)


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Fraser is pish too
Head down. And run
He has been crap this season. Had a good season last year, thinks he's better than he is, all he does this year ( in the league ) is moan, probably why he isn't getting a start at Bournemouth at the moment.


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Mulgrew with a free kick in his own half thinks I will play it back to the keeper so he can launch it up the park - where do you even begin with that line of thinking??

Of course it leads to their goal and the man he is supposed to be marking slots it home from the corner.

Fuckwit of a player who wasn't even good enough for the bheasts.

Family bam

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Mulgrew, Burke, Snodgrass etc, etc, and so it goes on without a hint or smidegeon of criticism from the esteemed fuds of the Scottish media.


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Scotland will continue to struggle. The players they have yet there's no real stamp of identity of what the team is about.

You knew what the team was under Walter for instance and what their jobs were.