Semi final ballot today?


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Reckon folk who missed out will get chance of a ticket later on as I don’t imagine Hearts will sell out. Should be easy enough to pick up spares closer to the game, those who missed out will have first dibs on a final ticket if we get there too
This happened to me last year with the Aberdeen game. Hopefully with Hearts abysmal form their uptake will be really low. The thread on their hopes against us hopefully gives indication of this being the case.


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I think those who actually don’t seem to know this are just looking for bites. It’s down in black and white at the start of every season and has been as long as I can remember.
As far as I can recall it’s always been that way since CCCS came into play, you may be right in the looking for bites comments as it’s really not difficult at all to understand.


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It’s two different schemes.
No one has had more than 1 away ticket via CCCS.
I do know that was only meaning we have been a bit unfortunate with the way it’s worked out so far. Been on both schemes for as long as I can remember, it’s becoming a nightmare for away tickets these days.

Scotty Arfield

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I never get emails and normally get tickets for Hampden. Before folk go apeshit and think they haven’t been allocated anything.

My cousin is on the F&F scheme has been emailed so I’ll have tickets (I think). He got an email for Livi away and mine came through the post a week later.

Barca Bear

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Does missing out on a semi final ticket make you more likely for a final? Or is that wishful thinking on my part?
The year of the greens, we got neither and some got both.
Makes you think there's no system and the tickets are just 'allocated '.


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Another two for the shitey west stand.

Two very bad memories in recent years, massive disappointments against the thugs from Motherwell and a rotten Aberdeen team.

Here’s to third time lucky.

I wonder if this means we won’t get tickets to the final if we get there.