The Gers Store Charging Punters £75 for Gilets

Ha, you’re not getting a lot of backing here mate.:)

At the end of the day, if folk think it’s too dear then nae f*cker will buy it. Including you. Or me, for that matter, but more because I’m not a fan of a gilet rather than the price.
I’ve never worn one, it’s just that a jacket with no sleeves I was under the impression that it would be cheaper than that. Upon inspection it seems that they’re even more expensive. I’m getting hung out to dry here.
Is it just me or is this significantly overpriced? £75 for a Rangers Gilet. Most stuff online and in-store is reasonably priced but I think this is maybe a bit far.

What does everyone else think?

EDIT: I’ve never bought one before. I was under the impression that they would be cheaper considering it has no sleeves.

I would love that in orange ( Are you watching Hummel ? ). But I’ll buy the black and orange in the meantime.


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What’s your take on New Balance charging THEM near £80 for the same thing? It’s literally the same as one they sell for £40 but it has their shite crest and sponsor on it.

There will always be a market for football gear with your own clubs crest on it.

Hummel will have looked at the market they are operating in and will feel that they are sensibly priced, even if you aren’t prepared to by one, somebody will.