The Gers Store Charging Punters £75 for Gilets


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I do like a Gilet. They’re perfect for winters here.

I only wear Rangers gear out running, at the gym or around the house though, so not something I would buy


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if it’s cold enough to be needing some sort of body warming garment - I think I’ll choose the heterosexual option and wear a big jaikit, thank you.

You metrosexual types can wear your poncy gilets and nowt else while you chase each other round in the near-buff, playing ”boaby tig” or whatever it is you non-binary types get up to

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Without doubt - post of the week!!!! :D

'boaby tig' - superb! :D


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Suns out yer naw wearin that cos youll be sweating like a septic board member worried aboot the worst kept secret in scottish history


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Probably priced in the region or other clubs stuff? Or have we decided bringing money in is not what we need and should start giving stuff away at cost price?

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What are the goggles for mate? Is it in case there's an arctic blizzard or a sudden rise in sea level?

Saw a guy at the game with a beanie hat on, goggles on the front! Frightening if folk think that is fashionable.....
I’ve always been a fan of Massimo Osti especially obviously CP Company and then he created his diffusion line “Stone Island” which is now it’s own brand now. It originates from the Mille Miglia race in Italy where drivers would wear goggles to protect their eyes from the dust etc so Massimo Osti created a Goggle Jacket that incorporates the goggles into it.