The most satisifying achievment this season to you is...


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Reaching the group stages of Europa League probably the most satisfying achievement for me this season.

Although frustrating that in typical Rangers fashion we threw away a real chance of progressing even further.


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The feeling of having MY club back, a club that conducts itself with class and respect.

The European run was amazing.

Losing the fear of an old firm game.

Seeing new players fall in love with our club - Kent, Katic, Goldson, Defoe.

Knowing that no matter how bad it gets and even if when we hit rock bottom I was still born a Rangers fan and not one of them :)
The feeling of competing,and winning against them tops it all for me.after going for 60 years,the thought of never beating them again doesn't bear thinking about.the young team won't understand that,but bears who've seen us win leagues and trophies regularly will understand.the 29th and last Sunday were a long time coming,so roll on 55


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The relief of making the group stages of the Europa League knowing the money it would bring in.
Then the 2 results at the Stydome first beaten by a dodgy ref and 2nd beaten by a dodgy pass. Also we have adapted better to a smaller away support than they have.


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The demonstration of attitude that the Bheggars are beatable has been vital.

The European run was wonderful though - it was Rangers being back to being a Rangers team that can compete in that environment.

El Jock Grande Sabia

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The euro run was a big bonus. After a few hiccups, the 1st team finally appears to have kicked on a level & are looking really good. The manner of the 2nd win v them in particular.

And it's not just the 1st team that has seen strides forward this season. At all ages our kids/youths have been successful. The future looks VERY bright down Ibrox way!


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European run, removing mental barriers v the tarriers, the current run of winning games and building confidence, the squad reboot?

On a personal level it's the visible, tangible and obvious coaching improvement in players and seeing the new levels added to Morelos, Jack and Tavernier - all are better players IMO because of the coaching they have had this season - that to me is incredibly encouraging that we have personell in place who are capable of that - that is a level that goes a bit deeper than just getting in good players.
For me:

Europe run - impressive togetherness and home game atmospheres.

Xmas Old Firm: Marker was set earlier in the season but beating them so convincingly was amazing.

Prod Wallace

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The most satisfying part for me has been since the split.

Putting to bed that we can get wins on the spin, put to bed woeful records against top six teams and bested the tarriers head to head.

So yeah, the split for me has been my standout.


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This season feels very different. We've had a few false dawns (a lot of people, myself included, being excited about Warburton taking his team into the top league, and Pedro with his gift of the gab) but I just feel this is it. Gerrard is everything you want from a Rangers Manager, he has improved the team and the club massively.

One of the things I believe he said after he was announced was that the drubbings and meek surrenders to the scum 'stop now' and he was spot on. Great feeling to see us finally dominate they c#nts again No lucky, backs to the wall smash and grabs, just complete domination, twice. Love it.


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Haven't even read the thread so apologies in advance for anyone relaying the same.

The most satisfying achievement for me is the lesser of Glasgow's big two now know without doubt that the party is over.

In their own inimitable way watch them ramp up the fake news over the coming months concerning all things spite of the " treble treble " they can sense normal service is slowly but surely returning and the panic is palpable.


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Removing they shameless bastards from the broomie ( thanks papasmurf ) , doing them over at ease twice at home and narrowing the points margin and a wee run in Europe all to which has given us a feel good factor for next season and with separate entity’s house of cards ready to fall apart .... happy days bears


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The fact we've got our house in order and squashed those filth's false superiority complex.

Only a few weeks back folk were going on about stats this season being comparable to last season. Even if that were the case, then its blatantly clear our house is in order now as opposed to last season's shit show.

Its all about fine tuning, and marginal improvements now as we're on the up.


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The most satisfying thing me me this season is the platform & confidence we've given ourself for next.

The manager has a full season under his belt & we have the basis of a really good team.

If we recruit the correct 2/3 first team players required then we'll be hard to stop.

Beating them twice, our run in Europe & the gap between us and the rest have been great also.


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In the bigger picture and the financial aspect qualification to the EUROPA league is the highlight. A personal hightlight is 2 wins over the manky mob, not only the wins but we played them off the park. An improved quality of football all round. #letsgo


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In no particular order....

Europa league run
Tarriers kicked out of Broomie into corner (thanks Papa Smurf)
29th Dec
12th May
The sight of Rangers kit being worn around the country and abroad
The on going battle with the fat Bstard slowly but surely going our way
The paedos running scared


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A personal favourite for me was the game in Villarreal. Going away to a very good, experienced European team and getting a result was fantastic.

That was when I knew we were back. It was a brilliant trip as well.


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Stamping our authority on the Old Firm fixture.

May not have earned us the money that Europe did and in the grand scheme of things the 4 games were not going to turn our season.

However, by beating them twice and more than holding our own in the other two it let's them, their fans and their mouthpieces in the media know we are back and only going to continue getting stronger.

Monkey off our back so to speak.
This, every day of the week. You can't underestimate how important this is to the squad's progression to title winners next season.


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Beating UFA and qualifying for the Groups.

Think about it.

We weren’t sure if we would still have a team to follow a mere 6 years previously. East Fife friendly was a sell out because, to a man, we were just relieved to see the Rangers play once again at Ibrox Park.

During the recovery period we beat the tarrier, we had some decent performances but getting to Group stage in European competition said we are truly back, back where we belong.


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On the field it has got to be beating them in December and getting the monkey off our back.

Off the field and probably even more satisfying was the campaign by papasmurf to allocate the Broomloan to our fans. It was a cracking thread and some effort. I was so glad that a vision by us as fans was taken on board by the club and did not bow to pressure. The way it should be and how lucky we are to have Dave King at the helm steadying the ship.


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Ruling the roost against them at home has to be the most satisfying thing for me. After them having it so easy for so long it’s been fantastic to see returning to the level where we are no longer canon fodder.