Tickets for the final

Can’t understand it being that high.

My nephew got a ticket for both the semi and final of the SC last season on the 1st emails.

Since then he’s had another season ticket, Mygers and extras added to his points without any dropping off and he’s miles away from 1267? Makes no sense
Disgraceful from the club. Once again MyGers just proving that it's a cash cow and not rewarding loyalty. Every suite in Ibrox will be sold as hospitality and the Parks coaches will be lined up to take folk over to Hampden for a bargain £230+ p/p.

Roll up, roll up.

Absolutely sickening.
RSCs are not the reason its went that high when we have Rangers hosting offsite hospitality in multiple suites in Ibrox.

of course they are part of the reason

it’s a slice of allocation that is distributed outside of the loyalty scheme
As I thought. I have qualified for everything thus far but it seems an awful lot of tickets are getting sold as packages and more or less "go %^*& yourself MVB, this one's not for you".
Would be more angry at the amount that look to be being sold as hospitality at Ibrox than the unknown RSC allocation.