Toasting #55 – What Are You Having?

Got a bottle of the blue raspberry MD (and am waiting on delivery of my tarrier tears sticker to go on the bottle) and the wife bought me a nice bottle of Highland park as an anniversary present back in December, it's getting tanned the day we win 55


A 2012 vintage to enjoy and empty then smash the bottle in the recycling bin, to signify the end of the shit that began back then. Oh and the price is incredibly relevant too (Edit: £55 for those who don’t click the link): (PS I have no links to this company, just thought it was apt)
Might not be a popular suggestion but I’m usually gone after an OF game and if we end up winning it there then i would not remember a thing. I might have one or 2 and then keep relatively sober so I can savour it with the kids and remember it forever?
Anyone with me? (Didn’t think so :p)


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Only crack open my bottle of Ancnoc Malt for special occasions & I'll be doing it twice in the next month or so....winning the league & the birth of my 2nd child. May even shed a tear or two.


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Just ordered a bottle of Muga Prado Enea Gran Reserva Rioja 2011. Goes well with red white and blue fireworks

Diego Maradona

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I only bring out my Johnny Walker blue to toast Rangers.

I’ve bought a bottle of Laurent Perrier Rose for the day.

Bring it on

Conlig Loyal

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Me too . Had it since last July as a birthday present, and have kept it until we clinch the title


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Not going over the top, but I’ve bought a bottle of Heidseick ‘Blue Top’ Monopole Champagne which is being saved for when we win the league. One more match, and it’ll be going in the fridge either way....


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I’ve got a bottle of Rangers champagne, that predates 2012, it might be flat by now, but it’s getting opened. :cool:


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I have had an unopened bottle of 'Old Malt Cask' from Glendronnach Distillery in my wardrobe since 2012. It was distilled in 1995 and bottled in 2011. I would have opened it back in 2016 if we had beaten Hibs in the cup final. I am hopeful that I will have a taste of it in the coming weeks


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I've got a 1986 Glen Garioch waiting. Don't drink champagne either but by %^*& am I getting a good bottle to pop, spray about and have a glass of.

Stevie McDougall

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Got a bottle of Scapa single malt my uncle gave me 5 years ago, it was only a few months after I lost my old man. Sadly lost my uncle just a few months later too. Said then I was keeping it till we won the league, it'll be getting cracked open and a few drams raised to all the bears we've lost since 2012.
Proud protestant behaviour.
Enjoy my friend.
Absent friends will be toasted on very numerous occasions when we have officially done it.


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I have a nice bottle of Ibizan Gin that I will be drinking but I will be starting with the bottle of LPR that I moved into my fridge last night