Turnbull of Motherwell

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In my opinion let them spunk the money. It is one area they dont need to improve too much... even if their forwards are struggling a little dodgy penalty will be given to help out

If they arent goin to strengthen defence or DM role then good.


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We should match the offer. Obviously he is worth £2m+ but obviously don’t offer that straight away or the price gets bumped up, £1.3m just to piss the “theres nae money” rhetoric from them off


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Like Hastie, I haven't seen enough of him to comment really. On the face of it I would be happy to sign him as I think young Scottish talent should be our bread and butter. Only if the price is right though, I wouldn't be dragged in to a bidding war with Motherwell.


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Motherwell would play hardball just because it is us imo, would take some of 2m+ to even catch there attention the c%nts. Would our money be better spent in other areas such as left back i dont know

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It was always the case that the best young Scottish talent was always linked to us. Feel that’s changed in recent years.

The boy is a player for sure and we should go head to head with them on this one.

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He’s a motherwell fan, hopefully he ends up down south as we don’t appear interested. Plus i’m sick of them having the best young talent in the country.

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I wouldn’t pay more than £2mil tbh,only done it for one season and most his goals aga bottom 6.
He does have potential but we have seen it before some players have a great break through season then not as good the next ones.


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Motherwell want more than their record fee received - whatever that is. Straight from their CEO


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Problem with these clubs is they hate us that much the price automatically increases to try an appease their horrible wee fans.

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Talented boy, but he has a long way to go.

Motherwell will want to sell this summer while his stock is high. They'd welcome a bidding war.

I don't think it'd be in our interests to get into a bidding war at this stage.


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Their CEO on twitter has been making it clear this morning that their price is set. Hope that means the scum will bottle it again like they did with McGinn.

Not sure if we’re remotely interested in him, but would definitely take if possible.


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Looks like at least £2m

This lad has potential to be a good player.

I'd simply say to him if he wants to stay in Scotland. Who would you rather learn and develop under. Neil Lennon or a renowned and decorated former midfielders of class like Steven Gerrard and Gary McAllister.


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Hearing that lot have offered £1.2m for him.

Are we likely to go after him too?

Seems a good prospect.
Just have this feeling he is a player we are seriously going to regret not going for and the fact he might end up at the Scumdome will only reenforce that feeling over the years as he excels.

We defenitely need goals from midfield and this lad has an eye for them - watching clips of him he reminds me a bit of a young Durrant.
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