Walter Smith has passed away


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Amid the pain, grief, tributes, memories - here's a wee note of who is
sending RangersFC condolences on twitter:

Twitter condolences from the following FC's:

Aberdeen, England*, Liverpool, West Ham, WBA, Newcastle, Motherwell, Derby Co, Falkirk, Dunfermline, Wigan, Livingston, Clyde, Queens Park, St Mirren, Stenhousemuir, Ross Co, Albion Rovers,

*National Team rather than FA, I think.

Nothing from other side of the city - remember this rangers & bears.

No DM from SFA to RangersFC, just condolences in their own twitter account.

You’re looking way too much in to this.

Celtic offered condolences and have at least 2 articles on their site and 4 tweets. Their manager spoke about Smith at their press conference.

The SFA haven’t replied to Rangers on Twitter, you’re right… but he was the Scotland manager. In the same way that Everton or Man U have put their own thoughts out.

Christ the man has died, give it a rest for one day.


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If there ever was a man that typifies exactly what a true 'Rangers Legend' is it's him. This man has the respect of all sides of the divide and will be sorely missed. He is a rare breed. I've struggled along with all my fellow bears today with constant flurries of welling up watching each and every outpouring of grief in many eulogy interviews from all sorts of celebrities about him as a man, a manager and a family man. The effect that this man has had on so many will never be forgotten. Thank you Walter for being such a successful, dignified stalwart and ambassador of Glasgow Rangers. You embody everything that a Rangers man should be. RIP.


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He quite simply shaped my early years and is responsible for some of the happiest memories I have. A gentleman, a true ranger and a legend. I don't think we'll ever be so privileged to experience a character anywhere near that of Sir Walter Smith. RIP Sir


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Just back from Ibrox. Tributes already building up well out from both gates either side of the Main Stand and still a steady stream of cars coming in when I left.

Off to bed now emotional and shattered, feels like all I've done today is cry. Such a sad day.

Night, Gaffer. Sleep tight.

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I started going to see Rangers from mid 70s and after 78, followed my team for years with very little success outwith the odd League Cup and regular good runs in the Scottish Cup. Then, along came Souness, shortly followed by Walter. We were winning leagues again! What a change it made and the success was very sweet. Walter Smith was responsible for that.
I used to get angered by some of the guys who went on the supporters' bus bemoaning the fact that we weren't winning the CL every year. (The run we got in the first year of that after beating Leeds gave everyone the impression we should be able to compete to the latter stages every year.)
I was so saddened when Walter left first time around as winning the league every year was reward enough for me - having seen them for so many years beforehand when we weren't winning.
When Walter came back second time, steadied the ship and started winning the league again, I was left wondering just how many he would have won had he stayed. The man was a fantastic manager and certainly the best I have seen in my lifetime.
I would say that Walter Smith, Alistair McCoist and Richard Gough - closely followed by Sandy Jardine, are the most influential Rangers over the last 45 years of my watching the Rangers and Walter stands head and shoulders at the top of that list.
Today has been very tough for all of us, and yet, I also have a feeling of great appreciation and gratitude that I have been very privileged to have seen this great man lead Rangers back to greatness and, in turn, supporting our current manager do the same.
Thank you Walter and sincere condolences to your family.

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R.I.P. Sir Walter Smith.

Could not believe the news when I heard it this morning as I thought he was getting better having recently attended a golf tournament.

My hero growing up and a man who quite simply epitomised everything a Ranger should be.

Would be a fitting tribute to name the Copland Stand after him, he deserves it.

Honestly don't have the time to put into words how I'm feeling today, but Ally McCoist spoke for all of us in his Talksport interview this morning.

Glad everyone will be altogether at Ibrox tomorrow during a time like this.


A true great .. an absolute legend. A man that will never be forgotten for all he done for Rangers and Scottish football in general.
Walter gave myself and many, many others some of the happiest times as a Rangers fan.. still can't believe he's passed...
Thoughts are with his family and friends at this time...


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Still absolutely floored tbh.

My entire childhood watching Rangers, he was the main man, the Gaffer, Mr Rangers.

Every new tribute or post I see, or radio broadcast, just hits like a punch.

No one comes close to him in the modern era, right up there with Bill Struth as one of the greatest ever Rangers managers..


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To those saying it feels like you've lost a family member; you have.

Whether others understand it or not we are a little family. An odd, dysfunctional family, but one bound by the bonds of the club we love.

Walter was our patriarch. A father figure. A leader. He gave us days we would never forget, led us to places we never thought we'd reach, and held our hands when it felt like all was lost.

This extends far beyond football.

We don't always agree on here, but we all share a love for our club, and we will all feel this loss. We mourn together.


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Been working down in England today and received a text from my brother with this awful news while in a meeting. I had to stop momentarily such was the shock. It feels weird being away while this has happened, but reading and watching the tributes really brings it home how lucky we were to have Walter Smith as our assistant manager and manager, but also as a fellow fan.
Like many I'm sure, I probably took him for granted during 9IAR, so used had we become to success at that time. I'm so glad he got the chance to return and turn our team from also rans to multiple champions, cup winners and European Finalists. Those few years gave us all some wonderful, wonderful memories. On top of that, amongst the sadness at a great life ended too soon, I'm so happy that he was able to leave us with the club stable behind the scenes and where he always strived, and almost always managed, to keep us - at the top of the pile, Champions and League Leaders.


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Took a trip down to Ibrox tonight to pay my respects ahead of the crowds tomorrow and couldn't hold back the tears, the gates with tributes are very powerful during times like this. Tomorrow is going to be very difficult saying goodbye. Numb


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All I knew growing up was Walter Smith leading us to title after title. My love for Rangers is absolutely entwined with the name Walter Smith. I didn’t know him but I’ll miss him.
Thank you and rest easy, Gaffer.


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Been busy all day and have been dipping in and out of social media. Sat down tonight to read the tributes and it's just hit home how lucky we were to have him in our lives and at the club we all love. I'm absolutely gutted.

Thank you for everything Walter, the epitome of a Ranger and a modern day Bill Struth

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Don’t know if it’s been mentioned so far but the human side to Walter was epitomised in his speech at Davie Cooper’s funeral. A wonderful tribute from one Ibrox legend to another.

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Spent the evening watching videos and listening and reading tributes to the great man. I don’t think I’ve been so upset at someone I’ve never even met passing. Can’t think of anyone in football that has so much respect and is so fondly thought of.
RIP Walter, a legend in every way.


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Absolutely devastated to learn of Walter's passing which came less than 24 hours after my Grandmother slipped away from us too.

Like most of us, Walter was a hero of Gran, who has been going to Ibrox since 1951 and still has a ST to this day.

Both of them have been heroes of mine for as long as I can remember.

A very sad day for the Rangers family and in fairness the football community as a whole. Some lovely comments and tributes paid today.

RIP Sir Walter and Granny Jean :(


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Sat up all night watching videos and tributes of the great man.

I’m done. Can’t take any more - the Gerrard clip on Sky Sports News has sent the tears out again. Again, thoughts go out to his friends and family. I’m broken so one can imagine how they are feeling right now.

Walter Smith was my childhood. He’ll be sorely missed. Today we’ve seen how much he was respected, admired and loved. So many lovely stories, fantastic words - from everyone.

Rest easy, Gaffer, and thanks for some of the greatest memories of my life.

Now we all come together and roar our team, Walter Smith’s club, to glory - 56.

Always in our hearts x

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Just gutted.
Amazing tributes from all over the shop, says more than anything I can.

Thanks for all the excellent memories.
What a man.


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What a difficult day. The Manager from when I was a child to early adult, then the man who brought titles back after a period of less success shall we say. Makes you think of your own mortality as 73 isn’t particularly old. I was born in 1981 so I was lucky to have Smith for a large part and that role plays such a big role in who we become as adults, between him and my dad I have been lucky.


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Sounds really daft to say but I’m glad his illness was kept private and his family and friends got the privacy they deserved. Would have been terrible for them constantly reading articles about him.

I still can’t believe it tbh. Mr Rangers for me.


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I just found out, devastating news, I had no idea he was so sick. Legend isn't enough to describe his service to the club.

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Oh no! What a shock… my thoughts and prayers go out to his family

I’ve been working all day and didn’t have time to listen to the daily update or check in here. I feel devastated at the news. I thought the man would last forever

Rest easy Walter, you are a true Rangers legend. In a time when that word is often overused, you defined the meaning of it.


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Walter stepped up when Souness left.
Walter stepped up when LeGuen was making an ar@se of it.
When we were going through administration, the occasional quote or picture of Walter would reassure you, that at it might not be as bad as we think.
There might be a time again when it gets rough for us.. But this time we’ll have no one like Walter Smith to turn to.
R.I.P Gaffer.


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I've lost count of how many times I've cried today, my head is bursting and I just want to sleep. I can't imagine how it must feel for people who actually knew Walter.

For anyone of my age, the overwhelming majority of great Rangers moments, some great moments in life even, have Walter Smith as part of them.

It was an honour to have follow, followed with such a legend at the helm. Thank you so much for your service to Rangers.

RIP Walter.


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Such a sad day for us to lose a man who meant so much to us all. I feel as though I've lost a member of my family but we have all lost an major part of The Rangers family.

Walter, you will never be forgotten. I'm so glad you were able to see us win 55 and for us to be back where we belong.

As Ally said earlier on talksport - if there's any positive from your passing it's that you're no longer in any pain.

Sleep easy Sir Walter



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To those saying it feels like you've lost a family member; you have.

Whether others understand it or not we are a little family. An odd, dysfunctional family, but one bound by the bonds of the club we love.

Walter was our patriarch. A father figure. A leader. He gave us days we would never forget, led us to places we never thought we'd reach, and held our hands when it felt like all was lost.

This extends far beyond football.

We don't always agree on here, but we all share a love for our club, and we will all feel this loss. We mourn together.

Not managed to read the full thread but, this is a fantastic post. Football goes to one side but, it's that very thing that brings us all together. That was the measure of the man.

Very well put mate.