You can only pick one player from the past


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Its Gascoigne. At his peak world class and exactly what we need.

Heart says Prince of Denmark, but we are not badly served on the left and up front. If we had Gascoigne we would canter this league.


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Surprised your the first person to say cooper mate!
Cooper went too many games sometimes not doing a great deal. Laudrup for me though he slacked a bit too in his last year. Re Baxter - I didn't see him play in person but a former player told me he was a lazy bastard at times but brilliant when he turned it on.



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Although there are better players I'd love to see back in the team (Laudrup for starters) Arthur Numan would solve the biggest problem area in the team. Imagine teams trying to cope with Tav and Numan down both flanks.

Carlton The Bear

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At his absolute best, Gazza.
But to be honest you could toss a coin with Laudrup. Both are match winners on their own.

Comedy entry: Staale Stensaas. On the basis so much promise delivered so little.


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Cooper they could play all the 11 man defences they want and he would still twist and turn them inside out then roll it to Alfie to tap it in or he could belt it from 25 yards and burst the net .
Also with defenders not able to touch a player in the box Tav would have at least one penalty a game if the refs played fair