1. mummymonkey


    Question I thought of last night on the bus back from the game - Who was the last George to score for Rangers? We think we got the answer but not definite.
  2. Pkgers78

    Help a bear please

    Can anyone help me out asked my son what he wants for Xmas and his reply I want a Jorge albertz 1999 strip and a Steven Gerrard 2005/06 strip can anyone point me in the direction I can find them he’s a small 5yo and I’m pulling my hair out looking
  3. klosrfc

    Worst football injury at a match you were at

    Thinking of Aribo the other night it got me wondering. What was the worst injury you have seen in person at a football match to happen to a player?
  4. P

    Web Based Scottish Fantasy Football for 2019/20.

    Afternoon all, Hope you don't mind us posting in here. Just wanted to let you all know about a new website we are launching called ProPA Sports. A big passion of ours is numbers and therefore developing a website that will bridge the gap between the complexity of analysis and its...
  5. Jordan1990

    Could our strength in depth be the difference this year?

    With at least two very good options in every position, will our apparent strength in depth be the difference this year? I believe that we had a strong starting 11 last year but, when injuries / suspensions hit, we were left wanting (Gerrard forced into playing Sadiq in the cup exit to the...
  6. GummyBear

    Violence Levels Comparable?

    This is mainly towards the supporters who have experienced 9IAR and before. Would you say that the current levels of hatred and violence seen throughout yesterday on and off the pitch compare to times during the 90's when they were getting skelped? How did the media react compared to today's...
  7. ShawlandsBear94

    What makes Rangers a big club?

    As per title. What makes us a big club globally? Why do we have fans all over the world etc? What factors go into making us so well known?
  8. Rossi1872

    SkySports interview clips 08/01/19

    Few clips posted by SkySports this morning; Connor Goldson - https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11788/11601602/jermain-defoe-signing-in-line-with-Rangers-stature-says-connor-goldson Scott Arfield -...
  9. scarebear

    1 x Aberdeen For Sale

    Club Deck, CD1, Row AB, Seat:0023 Selling for face value: £30 Paypal preferably
  10. C

    Any transfer hopes for the Summer Window?

    Transfer hopes for upcoming Window or anywhere you wish to strengthen
  11. klosrfc

    Most under rated Rangers player

    As the title, who do you think is the most under rated Rangers player to have ever worn the jersey ? For me it has to be Sasa Papac
  12. klosrfc

    New ticket purchase method

    Been online just looking at the availability for the 2 remaining EL games and noticed you can’t select seats, only stands. Kilmarnock still lets you choose seats but this was up before the EL games. Is this the new way or purchasing tickets, not being able to select specific seats?
  13. GERrard18

    New wee tune

    Knocked together a wee song last night/ this morning when wishing the gers were playing today instead of this shitey international break! Please give it a listen
  14. klosrfc

    Europa league tickets dispatch

    bought my tickets 9am Tuesday but they still haven’t been dispatched. I know there is high demand but the 4 qualifier tickets came through the post next day. Anyone had their tickets yet?
  15. M

    A now calmed down review

    Having had time to calm down after the game can actually look back on it now and point out some positives and negatives. Positives: -Defended Well -Came out and played (eventually) -Mcgregor Negatives: -The whole first half -The lack of control and presence in midfield -Our final ball in the...
  16. Stevethebluenose90

    today’s press conference

    Today’s presser
  17. M

    The defence

    Am i the only one worried by the clear lack of pace for us at the back (goldson, katic, flanagan)
  18. themightyi

    Older Bears - how close is this to the Souness revolution?

    First off apologises for the term older bears :D I know it’s early days but in terms of feeling how close is the current Gerrard regime to how it felt in the early days of Souness? The parallels are of course we have a magnificent bastard in charge, a European cup Liverpool winning captain who...
  19. M

    Anywhere in madrid showing Rangers game

    On holiday in madrid next week for the second leg of the europa league, anyone know anywhere that would be showing the game? Cheers!