Match Thread Aberdeen v Rangers - 13:00 Sunday 5th - Sky Sports


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A few people in my work had bet over the throw ins....couldn't understand why Rangers were booting the ball into the middle of the park rather than out of play. I'm inclined to agree.


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Call these bastards out Rangers. Dirty horrible biased bastards!!!

In saying that proud of the Rangers what a performance from the boys. Playing 11 dirty diving bastards and a referee with 10 men for 80 mins. Well done boys can hold your head high today.


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10 v 11 eventually caught up with us with the lack of options for an out ball. Cheated again, although Morelos should not have given the linesman/referee an excuse to get sent off.

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Proud of our display. We showed we are a far better team than the Sheep. Yet again cheating match officials cost us points. We must make an official complaint. Jack injured by an assault of a challenge and not even a yellow. I hate Abergreen and I hate the referees in this corrupt shithole.


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Good performance from our guys. Gutted about them getting that goal.

Referee was a fucking disgrace. One of the worst performances from a ref in a while and that's saying something. Rangers need to speak out. If Morelos should have been off then half the fucking Aberdeen team should have been off.

Good fight from our players. I doubt Aberdeen will be as lucky next time - well, unless the ref is 100% on their side again.

I want Rangers to speak out though. None of this absolutely disgusting, lazy dignified silence stuff. It's not even a dignified silence - it's just utterly spineless behaviour from our board and club overall.

We've got a manager that is full of fight. Our players appear to be full of fight. Time the fucking board did as well.


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By no means a slight on Windass, but he was clearly knackered after running his socks off. I cannot for the life of me fathom why we didn’t make a 3rd sub to get fresh legs on when playing a man down for so long. Baffling.
I agree, but we didn't have anybody on the bench to put real pressure on their defence. I mean by that a striker. In the last 20 mins we were packed in our own half.


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Cheated out of 3 points but that will be a nice bonus on Clancy's paycheck now. Defenders were great for all but one moment. Still need to be more composed on the ball. Kent was rubbish when he came on, should have been Sadiq


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Interesting decisions today, a bit of inconsistency throughout the game IMO, I’ll definitely be watching with interest in the coming weeks.

Say the above please SG, plant the seed


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They only got into it when Jack went off.

if we had all 11 on we would have pumped em.

i think we looked good a lot better than last year and we will be there at end of the season.


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So disappointing to not hold onto the win in the end but was actually a very good performance with 10 men for 85 mins.

A harsh red too.

Encouraging really but annoying to have dropped points. Hopefully Morelos' suspension gets overturned.


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No shame in that especially against 13. Morelos hampered and Jack going off killed us.

I really like Morelos, however his daft attitude is a liability and I thinking we should now try and cash in if possible.


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Absolutely gutting and awful from the officials, but there should also be questions about what we do without Morelos. We knew this. 90 minutes with Windass and a penalty scored. We’ve been saying we need more up front since February.