Balogun - Solid Nigerian steel


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Let’s not get excited. He did well, but was completely untested by a very poor Aberdeen team.

the fact he has some pace does make me more comfortable than with Helander though.


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Lots to like.

Although him and Goldson weren't under any great pressure there was nothing to make me think they wouldnt cope if they were. Could see Balogun talking to the rest of the defense, looked good with the ball at his feet, he's quick enough and just got on with his job.

A good, solid start. Could be a great freebie signing for us.


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It was cruise control for him today, honestly don’t think he was up against alot but he showed alot of positive attributes to his game.

Great start, hopefully he can do it against the decent forward lines as comfortably as he did today.


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Big man done well, won the ball from chasing back, impressive speed, good block from one of their shots, great passing, and rapid going forward on the few occasions he did. Very happy


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he reminds me slightly of Bougherra, although it's obviously too early to judge at this point

decent pace for the recovery in the 2nd half, very composed passer, dealt with anything he had to and seems to like a bit of a run at points