Barry Ferguson sends message to Rangers fans as their heroes hit top of the league


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Steven Gerrard's men face a tough schedule of seven away games in nine if they reach the Betfred Cup Final.

The last five weeks have reminded me of the crazy nature of Scottish football but also the reason we all love it so much.
When Celtic won the Old Firm derby at Ibrox before the last international break people were telling me that was the league done and dusted.
They had a three-point lead but you would have thought it was 13 or 30 the way everyone was talking and I found myself having to stress that it was far from over.
Now the roles have been reversed during this international break and I’ve had Rangers fans jumping about because they’re two points clear at the top.
I’m trying to tell them to calm down and tell them it’s two points and not 12! Look, I’d much rather be two points clear than two points behind but everyone has to relax.

Celtic had a bad day at the office whey they lost 2-0 to Livingston but they are still the strongest team in Scotland and the favourites for the title. Steven Gerrard would have taken this position in October before a ball was kicked but the last four games have just highlighted the extreme reaction in Scottish football. There is no in between.

I’m a realist and there’s too much football to be played to talk like that but it’s exciting and hopefully there’s more of it to come.
I was reading in Record Sport yesterday about the tough run of away games Rangers could face – seven out of nine on the road in
the league if they reach the Betfred Cup Final – and if they come through it then it will be a massive confidence booster.

They are going to venues where, if you want to try to challenge, you have to get victories. Places like Pittodrie and Easter Road midweek in December. It’s a tough sequence of games but we’ll learn a lot about this Rangers squad after it.
And it doesn’t matter about performances – just getting three points on the board. This run of fixtures is a great opportunity for the Rangers players and they should embrace it and say ‘bring it on’. Celtic also have trips to Pittodrie, Tynecastle, Dingwall, Perth and Paisley.
The Celtic defeat in September was deflating for Rangers but a good team brushes aside that disappointment and they have reacted so well and deserve credit for it.

They have got to where they are through hard work and they need to keep their feet on the ground. It’s huge psychologically to be at the top of the table because the pressure was on after Celtic lost the early game.
I know people will say Rangers were only playing Hamilton at home but you’ve still got to go out and do the job and they responded with an emphatic 5-0 win.
But different pressures come with being top of the league. Can you stay there? Can you maintain the level of performance that you’ve given to get there?
The Europa League defeat to Young Boys in Switzerland was disappointing but overall the reaction to the Old Firm defeat has been good and they need to keep going.

While we’re only in mid-October the signs are encouraging so you have to be positive and build on the displays recently which have been impressive.
If Rangers had slipped up again before Celtic then it would have been hard because they have players who are used to being in that position.
As long as Rangers are there or thereabouts in the final couple of months then that’s when to get excited. They’ve certainly got a stronger squad and Gerrard and most of the players have a season under their belt.
I’m sure the Celtic players will be talking about how big a challenge they think Rangers will put in but they’re professionals and will know they’re only eight games into the season.
I don’t think they will be worried just yet and they’ll have pride as champions and obviously the experience of winning titles.

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty then big players produce and Rangers have a few now in the likes of Steven Davis, Allan McGregor and Jermain Defoe.
Celtic have cruised to the title in recent years so it will be different for them if they’re asked serious questions and Rangers need to prove their staying power and put pressure on them.
Even if Celtic go a point clear, it’s vital Rangers are still on their coat-tails when it comes to the business end of the season and the pressure is really on. I remember in season 2008/09 we fell seven points behind Celtic after losing the Old Firm derby at Ibrox.
Celtic had the chance to go 10 clear the following week but surrendered a two-goal lead at home to draw with Dundee United.
We continued to hang in there and that puts a bit of doubt into the opposition when they fail to shake you off and we eventually won the league.
The boot had been on the other foot the previous season when we were in front for most of the season but Celtic refused to go away and put a run together that saw them win the title.
It’s at the back of your mind that they’re not for moving and that’s the key.

If you have a consistency level – even if you’re not playing well but still winning – then it’s huge.
You just have to do your job and hope someone else does you a favour and people underestimate just how difficult it is going away from home in Scotland.
I wouldn’t like to go and play against Livingston against Gary Holt’s team or a tough venue like Fir Park the way Motherwell are playing just now.
So you just have to keep winning and hope your rivals slip up. I can see points getting dropped during this period because if you’re not on it then teams are capable of taking points, especially away from home when pitches aren’t like the bowling greens of Ibrox and Parkhead.
And with the Old Firm both in the Europa League then it’s even harder, especially if they’re coming off the back of an away game, as Celtic found out at Almondvale.

The Lone Ranger

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Derek also thought Morelos was only worth £6 million , Barry said similar . Some of our ex players are so off message .

and what’s with articles filled with “Look” and “listen” ?
Is there valie too low or the fans valuation too high?
Look at tav, people were saying 15m at the stsrt of the season. Now people were saying a couple of mill after last week. Maybe the reality is that the real value is somewhere in the middle of the fans and ex pro's


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needs to stop putting "Old Firm" in his columns to be honest, refuse to be associated with a club who let child abuse go on without saying anything about it


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Is there valie too low or the fans valuation too high?
Look at tav, people were saying 15m at the stsrt of the season. Now people were saying a couple of mill after last week. Maybe the reality is that the real value is somewhere in the middle of the fans and ex pro's
look at tarrier ex pros , dumbele £40 million , french eddy £50 million . They know it’s nonsense but every little helps .

some of our ex pros are a shambles . £6 million for Morelos,he’s a loose cannon etc etc ffs

guys like Neil mc cann put them to shame


Do you think any of our current team would read that and think ‘awwww ffs Barry, just let us enjoy being top of the league.’

I think Barry is fair enough in what he’s saying and it’s the mentality you would expect an elite athlete to have.


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Are parts of our support becoming Tim's of the 90s. Paranoid would be an understatement.
To call our ex players Rangers haters is the biggest load of bull I've ever read. All I can say is after reading the posts on here after YB, there must be some amount of Rangers loathers on here.
If anyone thinks that telling Rangers to keep their feet on the ground is somehow negative,then I agree with fergie. Long way to go and I'm sure steven Gerrard is telling the players the same thing.
Ex Celtic players got horrific abuse from them when we were in charge and its little wonder they say nothing as the abuse really isn't worth it.
I want our ex players to have the freedom to give their opinions and if they say something well out of order,I would suggest it will just spur our players to prove them wrong.
Barry Ferguson's will be as delighted as anyone if we get the job done. Chill out for fecks sake.


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I really can't stand Barry Ferguson. He can't let us Rangers fans enjoy being top of the league.
Do you honestly think Barry wrote this o red most of the other shite printed in his column week in week out, he will get a retainer for a ghost writer doing 90% of it.
I also cringe at some of the things written but don’t believe it’s all his doing


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No he hasn’t.

He’s on a podcast almost every week saying he hopes Rangers win and “being a Rangers man I hope we....” etc etc.

He said he has always had a soft spot for accies from growing up in Hamilton. Big difference.
Correct,much the same as I like to see renfrew juniors doing well

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