Does anyone have a Grandparent older than Rangers?


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I've a photo of my great grandad taken when he was about 4 years old, in the picture are his dad (born 1875) and also his grandad (my great, great, great grandad) who was born in 1850.

None of them are alive.


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The closest I know of is in my Wife's family, her Great Great Grandfather on her Dads side played for Rangers from 1909 - 1918 making 142 appearances and scoring 7 goals for The Famous.....

I married into royalty.......


It’s a fecking stretch is this. I’ve just turned 69 and the eldest of my grandparents was born in 1884.

I’d have to go back a further generation to find an ancestor who was alive when we were founded.

Davie Meiklejohn

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Edit for those who think I've lost my marbles rather than being a little bit drunk and thought I meant a living grandparent.

Does anyone on FF have a grandparent born before Rangers' formation?

One for the oldies of FF. Unlikely, but a possibility if we have a decrepit FFer.

I was thinking about my old Ma this morning and it came to me that her mother gave birth to her at the age of 45 in 1931. That would mean Rangers were only in existence 14 years when she(Granny) was born.

It sort of amazed me that I had such a close relative within touching distance of the great birth.

If nobody has a Grandparent older than the gers, who can claim the closest?
I believe my great grandfather was born in 1878 and was a big bluenose. Not quite there, but fairly staunch. I'm fairly sure his father wasn't a Tim ;)


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Well my grampa told me about Rangers beating Dundee when Little big horn battle was going on in America. When he spoke about best player was a player from 1910 can’t remember the players name. He was also one of the first along with his brothers to have season tickets. They used to circle to games as well.


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My great-grandfather was a big Rangers man, hence why I am even though no member of my family has lived in Scotland for over 100 years. Think he was born late 1880s/early 1890s.


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My paternal grandparents were both born in the 1890s.

Need to go back a generation to both of their sets of parents who were born in the 1860s to pre-date Rangers.


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Just checked. Grandfather was born in January 1878. His sister, my great-aunt was born in 1875.

A happy time before the dark days of 1888.
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My own Gran was 1900 (Gorbals) but her dad my Great Grandfather William Stark was born in 1867 in Anderson .
From good OO stock im led to believe same as the rest of his family who were mostly from Newton Ayr.
spent a fortune on census lookups etc on Scotland's People and quizzing my old dear about it.
on a side note my Grans brother and my Great Uncle Louis Stark was a Black and Tan, not many people speak kindly about him!

Bolton Bear

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I am 68 years of age
My Father born 1913
My GF born 1870
My GGF born 1824
My GGGF born 1796
My GGGGF born 1766

All validated via Scotland’s People and all paternal side.

Any more predecessors requires guesswork.

I am the first RFC man in my family. My Father supported the Hi Hi.
same here mate, amazing info, furthest back i got was 1775 and what a mixed bag of family lol

Shengus Malengus

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I like the idea of threads like this.
My grandparents would have been all around 1920/30s, it's pretty cool to think there are people on here who may have heard stories from their own grandparents of the formative years of our club even though they are only 2 generations apart.

It's a shame so many don't try to understand the thread or take a hissy fit at something so obvious.
Thank you Chief. Someone gets it.


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My grandfather born 1851, died 1935, don't know if he supported the Gers, but three of his sons, including my Dad were staunch follow followers.
Think we could have a winner here.

Your GF would have been 21 when we were formed. If three of his lads were bears, including your dad, I'd venture to speculate that he almost certainly saw Rangers taking their earliest formative steps.