Federer says "no thanks" and doesn't sign Celtic top at Wimbledon


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To be honest the Torbett tramp looks really disappointed Federer didn't sign his jailhouse / paedohiders top, wonder what his face will look like come 55.:))
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It's their sunday best don't you know.

It's Jeopardy time.
Q: A gimpy looking grown man trying to get an autograph of his fitba tap, that's he's wearing, at a tennis match, on Wimbeldon Centre Court no less from one of the classiest legends of the sport.

A: What is a .......


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Feel sorry for the people sitting next to the sweat drenched green and grey rag wearing mhanky tramp tucking into their strawberries and cream with a wee pimms while the stinking tramp swigs buckfast and eats stale spam rolls. Must be an awful stench and a plague of flies hovering over the honking hobo.