Federer says "no thanks" and doesn't sign Celtic top at Wimbledon


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Federer probably read that paranoid shite that the Yahoos put in a Swiss newspaper a couple of years ago and couldn't understand a word of it as it was in the wrong language.

Understandable that he's given Timmy a wide berth and treated him like the demented bastard he is.


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Please cut the guy some slack, it is compulsory for Tims to wear the convict apparel on all public occasions. It is, isn't it?


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That guy looks like an in- bred moron.
It’s the whole Palestine / Israel conflict playing on his mind. Aswell as his late night blogs about Rangers and wondering how did Rangers get money to buy players this season. And wondering what Rangers are up to this moment in time while checking if their next opponents in Europe have any ineligible players that may be in their squad.


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Some cretan was in the stand watching Andy Murray today and he had a republic of filth top on and a stupit green pointed hat.