Federer says "no thanks" and doesn't sign Celtic top at Wimbledon

Federer probably read that paranoid shite that the Yahoos put in a Swiss newspaper a couple of years ago and couldn't understand a word of it as it was in the wrong language.

Understandable that he's given Timmy a wide berth and treated him like the demented bastard he is.


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That guy looks like an in- bred moron.
It’s the whole Palestine / Israel conflict playing on his mind. Aswell as his late night blogs about Rangers and wondering how did Rangers get money to buy players this season. And wondering what Rangers are up to this moment in time while checking if their next opponents in Europe have any ineligible players that may be in their squad.

Grigo Yossarian

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Just imagine having a ticket to see Federer at Wimbledon on a beautiful sunny day and you get to your seat and that fucking mutant appears next to you. Probably desperately hoping his selliktap will be a conversation starter.
It was a conversation starter mate. Just no involving him :p
Feel sorry for the people sitting next to the sweat drenched green and grey rag wearing mhanky tramp tucking into their strawberries and cream with a wee pimms while the stinking tramp swigs buckfast and eats stale spam rolls. Must be an awful stench and a plague of flies hovering over the honking hobo.
Very funny that. Should be used as a reference in schools to teach kids how to use nouns and adjectives.
Honestly they have no class,the year we won the league at tannadice (tango Sunday) I was at the Monaco GP ,,after the gp ,and us winning the league,,what do we see in one of the pubs but 3 stinky manks in their horrible hoops,,the only ones out of 100000 with a football top on ,so classy, it was funny because we won the league that day and even funnier when the police lifted them and give one of them a good whack with his stick,,
What kind of clown wears a football top to somewhere like Wimbledon. Bad enough when you see the green n grey hourdes at music festivals and on holiday.

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