Fitba’ Daft Podcast - Kenny Miller

Hal B. Goode

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Kenny still sore after his Rangers exit, but who are the people that are ‘still there’ at the club who shouldn’t be?

And I don’t think he’s referring to Murty, either.


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Whether you like the guy or not he scored a lot of goals for us and, more importantly imo, was one of the few who gave 100% in every game despite being considerably older than most of the squad in his third spell.

Don't think you're being fair here.
"like" i despise him and his old team they are vermin, now he wants to cause trouble at ibrox again .

Wee Dick's Hairnet

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No matter how many times he came back to us and how much effort he put in when he was with us there are some in our support that will just never accept that he played for them. It’s not how I feel but I can understand it and don’t have an issue with people that think like that.


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Is it a player? If so is he talking about Halliday? If not it has to be Murty/Robertson.


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He was gloating on social media after Mark Allen's departure.

I presume he probably isn't a fan of Stewart Robertson.
He doesn't exactly inspire confidence. I actually cant stand Miller but think the hooha was handled really badly by the club. He was weeks from his contract finishing, suspending him was ludicrous when a simple "Thanks for your service. We aren't renewing, bye" would have saved pages of speculation and media stories.


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I will have a listen to this later,the past few weeks have been a bit boring I thought so hopefully this one is better.