Gordon Waddell at it again.


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Sell Alfie in January for big bucks and weaken a settled team .
Keep Alfie until the end of the season, hopefully winning the league, then selling Alfie for the same big bucks...
What the fùck is the problem with that.


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I cant wait for the timplosion across the country from all media sources when Morelos rattles in the winner on Sunday


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Away and give your ill advised advice to your loving Falkirk fc you clown.
You are so out of touch with the events that have unfolded over the years at Ibrox that its embarrassing.
Enjoy your football in the THIRD tier ,as that is the standard of that drivel you have just penned.


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Good impartial journalism--nope.
Every one knows Alfie will be sold eventually for a helluva lot of cash. Yes, DK saved the club but the Alfie cash will take us away from the "skint" jibes and make sure we can re-invest and get even better. That's what scares and eats away at them. They realise Alfie is our saviour now on the park and in the future for our growth and success.


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Why are we logging on to a Rangers forum and reading this pish? Let them hate us.
If we are to continue with the “no one likes us, we don’t care” mantra, we really need to stop reacting or even talking about these no marks. All we are doing is increasing their footprint.


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A bitter rant is all i see. Spends half of it going on about how him being "not for sale" is stupid when he's only not for sale in the middle of a season when we're having our first true fight for the title since 2011 while making sure to gush praise on "The Celtic way" in there as well. The Scottish press is filled with absolute nobodies who provide zero technical, analytical or tactical analysis yet are giving the platform to spout pish like this weekly.
We all know what the"Celtic way"is and we don't want to have anything to do with it. We are Rangers and we will do it the Rangers way!


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Can imagine his hate filled twisted bigoted tarrier face all crunched up in anger as he punches out his rant on the library PC, in utter dismay that Rangers are in a position to knock back 40mil if it ever materialized as a bid.
As he shifts uneasily in his pish drenched kappa trakki boatums on the hard plastic seat he slips a juicy finger between his arse cheeks, takes a stab at his hoop then pulls it up for a smell, ah lovely he says smells like ma da`s boaby.


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Sometimes you read a column by an ex-player by Hartson and you think -- "You're only getting that gig because of the fact you were a well-known and indeed international player."
Let's be honest: quite a few ex-players get away with a load of sh*te because of who they once were.

But ... WHO exactly was "Gordon Waddell" ??

Before his "column", had anyone ever heard of him ?
Even as some uber-fan, or professor of the sport, or even as a voluble shareholder of his club ?

The Rangers-hating stuff apart, how the heck did he ever get space in a newspaper to spout his nonsense ?
Mrs Waddell’s son.
Mr Waddell is denying any involvement with the, and I quote, little wanker.


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What a load of shite.
Sell him because Ross Wilson has a long list of replacement 30/40 goal strikers, in his desk drawer, to replace Alfredo, at a fraction of the price.
Aye, just like all the other DOFs in football. You couldn't make it up.

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Opinion pieces like that really tempt me to get up out of my bed on a Sunday morning in winter and walk to the shop to pay for a newspaper again like the old days.....
He is the worst offender for his barely concealed hate for us.I've never seen anything positive about us from him not even once.
We've only boosted the Scottish coefficiency to heights not seen for years but no praise no
nothing just negatively.
Quicker 1 of these papers goes down the tubes the better hopefully a domino affect starts with the 1st.


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I genuinely don’t even read these tarrier propaganda articles any more.

No interest in what Liewell’s dick suckers have to spew out into the pages of rhags