Is it time to start taking Kilmarnock seriously?


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On Sunday we went top and despite games in hand you'd have thought we'd have won it.

Kilmarnock are currently top and as we have known over the years points on the board are much much much better than games in hand.

Looking at their form since Clarke took over they are certainly not a diddy mob. (think they are only 3 points behind Celtic in a time scale table? Read that somewhere or something to that effect) They have a young squad with a good amount of experience in there too (more championships than us?)

They play Celtic away this weekend and coming away with a point or 3 would really show they are in this race. Never really considered them as contenders yet this season as they have seemed to have just plodded along and I assumed their purple patch from the end of last year was over.

Nerf Herder

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There's no chance Killie are winning the league.

Can't argue with the job Clarke is doing there though, phenomenal really.


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Nope. They are in with a decent shout of third with Clarke at the helm but that’s it, a couple of injuries to key positions and they will struggle, just as Hearts have after a blistering start.


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Without a doubt as they a top of the league. They might fall away they might not but defo need to take them seriously.

This december is huge and right now they have played 2 and won 2 while we and the tims have dropped points already.


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If they are still in the hunt come march/April you would have to but personally I think they will fall away.

Jimmy the Gent

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Can't see that tbh, play football against Kilmarnock and you'll take them apart.

Like we did at Rugby Park.
I maybe wrong but I think Clarke is unbeaten against Celtic since he took over at Rugby Park.

They are a very difficult team to beat.

That said, they won’t win the league.


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If we are compete with Celtic this year, we must take every team seriously. Complacency this year has been the only negative factor in what has been a very positive start to the season.

In terms of challengers however I don't think we need to worry about Killie just yet..


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Can't see them maintaining it until the end of the season when the real pressure lands on your doorstep.

That said, I'd snatch a title decider off you between us and them on the last day of the season.:D

Grant Patrick

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As serious as Hearts were taken at the start of the season, not taking anything away from their achievements in 2018 but its far easier for the players and manager to over achieve under the radar playing in front of 2 men and the pie seller. Same players and manager at Rangers would be bottom 6 from the expectations alone, I just don't buy into the notion that a smaller team over achieving are in some way superior to Rangers fighting to get back to the very top


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We had the same thread on Hearts 6 weeks ago.

As it stands, we just need to focus on winning our matches, I suspect come the split, Kilmarnock won't be of a concern to anyone.
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