Kris Boyd Statement


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Griffiths doesnt have mental health issues he is just a lady's front bottom which and brings shit on himself by his behaviour. You cant be allowed to behave like a prick constantly and not be challenged on it
I think its public knowledge that he has a gambling and drug addiction. I suspect Brian Rice's situation this week was publicised so that Grifiiths betting can be totally ignored. God knows what happens to positive drug tests in scottish football.


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Kris Boyd, a man whose brother took his own life due to mental health issues, who gives up his own time to run and promote a charity that helps people with mental health issues has to explain himself because of Leigh fucking Griffiths? The world is upside down, honestly.

If gambling, booze, coke and squirting your cock gravy into cooncil skanks qualify as mental health problems, half of Glasgow has them.


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Absolute disgrace that their fake outrage has made Boyd have to bring up the death of his brother in order to demonstrate how seriously he takes mental health issues.

Which he shouldn't have had to.
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Kris Boyd has issued the following statement:

“My brother took his own life because of his mental health issues. The pain and suffering of his suicide still haunts me and my family each and every day, so please don’t accuse me of belittling another man’s mental health issues like I couldn’t care less. Just to be perfectly clear, on Sky Sports on Wednesday other night I mentioned Leigh’s mental STRENGTH in coping with criticism. I wasn’t talking about his mental health. They’re two totally different things. So if anyone genuinely believes I’d have a go at Leigh Griffiths for problems he’s gone through then, I’m sorry, they are wrong.”
Respect to Kris boyd. How he had to even come out to justify his thoughts are pathetic and scandalous. What a horrible little backwater country Scotland has become. Glad I dont have to live there, bad enough looking on.

Celtic FC is a disgrace and 1 horrible rancid establishment.


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Well said Boydy - as other have said though, he shouldn’t have to justify his comments (it’s the toxic scottish media’s fault).

it was a total deflection tactic from the tarriers to take the blame off thumb heid

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Anybody who knows anything about Kris Boyd should know,he and his family are tragically aware of what mental illness can lead to and had set up a mental health charity and had spoken out about mental health issues.the man owes nobody an apology it’s him people should be apologizing to for painting him in a totally false light


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It's ridiculous that it's come to this but this is what happens when one club and their cult are allowed to control the narrative.

You get blowhards like Sutton spouting poison about Rangers and out players unchallenged, even referring to Morelos as 'Buffalo Brains' on numerous occasions. You also have lonely Leckie penning a disgusting article attacking the same player in a piece that was nothing short of a completely unjustified character assassination. And not a word of condemnation from his employees.

Yet a pundit and former Rangers player makes a perfectly reasonable comment in assessment of one of their players behaviour and they get on their high horses about it and stamp their feet demanding SKy take action against them. End result is Boyd is vilified and ends up feeling the need to justify himself to these despicable bullies.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, until we start learning how to play and win the PR war and take the fight to them then this is only going to get worse.
If our club does not understand now it’s war they never will am afraid


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Mental health issues are just a convenient cover for Griffiths being a complete bampot.
You are exactly right did you hear Brian Rice say he has mental health i issues because he gambled all his money away no but because thumb plays for a retarded idiot he’s got mental health issues nice card to play just shows Lennon has mental issues Scotland for you


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I can only image how pissed off Boyd is from all this. After what happened to his brother, now having to listen to these arseholes saying Griffiths is in the same boat. He is an arsehole ned, acting like an arsehole ned. He shouldnt throw things into the crowd, simple as that. It was all fun and games for him winding us up for years, now he has made a c.unt of it all, its poor leigh. Guys a wank and always will be


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I don't say this lightly but if the Tims don't start to rein themselves in then someone on our side is seriously going to get injured by one of their lunatic fringe. Their mob simply cannot help themselves.

It's disgusting that Celtic as a club are happy to ramp the levels of bitterness and hatred to unprecedented levels.
The post-split game at Parkhead: if we're winning and on the way to the title, one of them will be on the park looking to attack our players.


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I would like an explanation of exactly what his “issues” are. If that scum club are willing to vilify Boyd for his comments, and use mental health issues of Griffiths, then please come out and tell everyone to lay off him, because.........?

I have a idea why they won’t tell the truth and so do most others.

I suspect, if freedom of information was available from the SFA, and they told the truth, then he would never play in another football match again.

Mental illness in a professional football player, or anyone, should be taken very, very seriously. If Griffiths has problems as has been stated, then he should be removed from public scrutiny and provided with mental heath care.

And check his blood, nose and bank account while their at it.


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Absolute respect to Boyd here, it’s a disgrace he’s even had to talk about this.

As for that club. I don’t even know the word.


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It’s a good statement from Boyd. One he shouldn’t need to make.

From what I know Boyd said nothing that denigrated the tramp’s mental health.

LG is a complete basket case and if you ask me he always has been. If the tramps are so concerned about his mental state they should put him out to grass instead of constantly exposing him to opportunities to make yet another complete erse of himself.

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Boyd know what mental health issue are, he know that wee rat faced bastard has other issues
and we all know what they are...


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Imagine even having to come out with this due to a backwards Tarrier club making a complaint.
The media in this country have a lot to answer for and don't give a fück if the end up with blood on their hands. The spout pish upon pish in order for upsetting and getting reactions. They are evil. The News Of The World got found out years ago yet these excuses for newspapers and BBC Scotland up here still get away with irresponsible behaviour.


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Terrier in work tried to talk to me about it
"Did you hear what boyd was saying about Griffiths ? "

"No, dont watch celtic. what did he say ?"

"Slagging Griffiths off about his mental health"

"What did he say ?"

"Just slagging him off"

"What did he say ?"

"Stuff about his mental health"

"What did he say ?"

"Can't remember specifically"

Walked away at that point.


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What about Boyd's mental health the way certain people in the mhedia are portraying it! Across a few threads on this but I am starting to get p*issed off with the amount of stuff that mob continue to get away with in Scotland.


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I f.ucking hate that mob with a passion.
easily worst relationship with them now in my life. It looked to be getting sensible co-existence for a while but they upped the hatred massively after 2012 - ably assisted by the diddies. Reality was I guess it was all there under the surface. Bottom line is inferiority complex.


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I don't get how they make complaints to talk sport/sky etc..does you think
Man Utd will be complaining about the slagging there taking just now


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What the phuck is happening to our country when we now have a lad whose own family have suffered absolute tragedy caused by mental health problems now having to respond to moon howling perma offended bigots.

Celtic FC should be utterly ashamed of themselves pandering to their lunatic fringe like this. They won’t be.


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The mhanks and their media/political pals don’t like criticism. Pretty sad that if we get someone that takes our point of view they will go to any length to bring them down. I’d never heard of Chris Boyds private grief and it should have stayed that way. I detest that sordid club with a passion!