Lee Wallace signs for QPR


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All the best lee, you stood firm when a lot of others wavered and deserted . We will not forget


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All the best Captain. Don't be a stranger at the games in future and thank you for sticking by us when we were on our knees.


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Really shitty from the club not to even acknowledge his departure, been a Rangers player since 2011 and throughout those years he conducted himself with a lot of class. No matter what happened between him and Murty, Rangers should of showed the man the respect he deserves. The reaction of the fans when he came on v Aberdeen showed how highly he is regarded amongst our support.


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Thanks Lee and all the best for the future. Been looking for a particular press conference he gave few year ago where he gave an excellent account of himself as captain, very passionate interview. Anyone help?


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All the best to him. Will always regard Lee with the upmost respect; hope he does well.


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He goes with my best wishes. Have to say though that is a tremendous move for him. I don't even think he's good enough for the SPL let alone championship.

Dare I say it but are Scottish players coming back into fashion again in England?

Jimmy Mac

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Best of British to him stood by us in our hour of need.
Hate slagging Rangers but not acknowledging him leaving from our official accounts is out of order imo.

Cambuslang Bear

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Good luck to him. He stuck by us and helped us through some really dark times on the pitch, and for that he will always have my gratitude. Would like to see him back at Ibrox in some capacity one day in the future


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Although we all knew he’d leave I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of sadness. The way this man conducted himself as a Ranger, the way he spoke about our club and our fans was something really special. Always felt he would be repaid for all the sacrifices he made by lifting 55.

Some things aren’t meant to be but his role in our clubs history should never be downplayed or forgotten. He should be proud of the man he is and what he did for this club whilst others quite happily would have let us rot.

A Rangers legend, an icon of Ibrox.

Thank you for everything, Captain.

Wade Wilson

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I'm full of admiration for King and co. for everything they have done for Rangers FC. I and every supporter will be forever in debt to everyone involved currently.

They will however, always have a black mark against them because of the way they have treated Wallace. It's nothing short of pathetic and unbecoming of the club we all know and love.

The fact they haven't even acknowledged the man is disgusting. And it won't be forgotten

Danger Zone

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Lovely and classy words from Tavernier and Katic, they clearly have the utmost respect for Wallace both as a colleague and as a man. Shame a few here can’t follow suit, a few posts just scream “damnit, please fail!”

Very disappointed in the club too, but I suppose it’s the price Wallace pays for having went against the zip chewer and ultimately won.

Anyway, best wishes to Wallace, he might no longer have it as a player, but he’s always come across as a thoroughly decent bloke and more importantly, he carried himself with class and dignity when he was our captain.