Leigh Griffith's throws object in to crowd after being substituted


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Hes a prick imo who plays the "mental health" card because it makes our media melt at the knees how "strong" he is.
Hes a fraud imo.
As someone who has been made redundant at 39 due to my mental ability the creep repulses me.
Poor Griffiths is suffering while Alfredo is merely taking the piss out of Scottish football.
If I genuinely though Griffiths was genuine I'd have some sympathy but its simply not the case.


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Not much in it but you can’t really be getting involved with the crowd like that.

I love the way they twist things though. The usual suspects now claiming he was the real victim as he was getting ‘unsavoury’ abuse. Throws object but that doesn’t matter as he didn’t start it.

Rewind to the 29th...

Morelos makes a gesture as he walks off the abuse receiving ‘unsavoury’ abuse 100x the scale Griffiths was getting. It’s unclear what it means or who it is to....yet the Celtic pantomime cheerleaders have a field day for 3 weeks, want bans and question his and the clubs morality!


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What would happen if the fan had thrown it at the player?

I'm sure our paedo harbouring media will show their hypocrisy.

The real question is, considering Rangers current charge, will the SFA be willing at this time to show their bias and hypocrisy?
No doubt he will have received a yellow card after the match, and that will be the end of the matter?
It'll be a long wait to find out. The ref probably won't show him it for another fortnight at least.


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So I assume he was also suffering from “mental health issues” back in 2013 when he tried to punch a Tesco security guard and also told a man of Asian heritage to go “back to your own country”?

Did these “mental health issues” then continue into 2014 when he called Rudi Skacel a “fucking refugee”?

A leopard can’t change its spots. Unless it claims to be suffering from mental health issues, obviously.


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I wonder if the victim was one of those funny foreigners that don't know how to behave in Scotland?

Maybe he deserved it because he called the Muppet a black bar'steward. Oh wait....


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Manna from heaven for the Rangers board. They've called the SFA on Rangers being held to a different standard and can now sit back smirking, watching and waiting to see how this is dealt with.

Liewell will be beeling with that giant foreheaded twat.

And mental health issues are not a defense to acts of criminality.


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Better video of the incident and the Sky excuses afterwards.
Look at the guy in the Tim's dugout. Immediately embarrassed by the ned.


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How can he hear any 'unsavoury abuse' when he walks about with his fingers in his ears?

Seems its only see no evil, hear no evil when it involves their crimes.


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If Griffiths has the mental health problems they claim he has, no way should he be playing top level football.

Everyone knows these players get subjected to abuse and putting someone with his problems in that situation surely is negligence by the doctors involved and his club.

“It’s a nothing incident”. Well, that’s not true. He actually threw something at the fan. It could’ve been anything. The fact it’s tape doesn’t mean it’s any less an incident.

If I threw a lump of tape at a player I’d be thrown out the ground, then who knows what charges afterwards. Probably a fine, possibly a stadium ban

Morelos and Kent get criticised for gestures, which they both have legitimate reasons for, haven’t hurt or at least attempted to hurt anyone, yet they (especially Alfie) are “wasters” and “screwballs” who could’ve caused a riot.

Griffiths should be punished. As we keep saying, if it was Alfie then the frenzy against him would really go into overdrive and he’d be banned already.


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As above Sky Sports News show Leigh Griffiths throwing the tape from his socks at home fans after being substituted.

It's hardly going to cause injury however you would assume the Compliance Officer has to act. That sort of action could lead to crowd trouble. Especially if it ever happens in a ground with a large home support.

Over to you Claire..
The boy's got issues, mate. Give him a break.


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just the scum and lemons normal excuses everyone else to blame he only throw it at the floor we are all blind bull