Man City banned from European competition for 2 seasons


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How unfair! Just because their expert negotiators were able to get hundreds of millions for the stadium naming rights doesn't mean they are funded by the back door!


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Im actually not sure if a bigger payment will cover it this time. UEFA have come out and said that this is an example of action, they have intentionally went hard. If they drop it down, where is the example being made?


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They have been bending the rules for years especially with the Etihad sponsorship deal they pulled a few years back.

They shouldn’t be the first to be punished like this, I’d like think a few other clubs would be next.


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Can't imagine pep will want to hang about if that's the case. Will have a big impact on them bringing in top players to try and beat Liverpool next year.

Steve Snedden

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3 or 4 years ago I was invited to The Ethihad (via a contact of Mrs SS) to an incredibly dull CL game as the guest of their Chief Procurement Officer.

He's no longer their but he told me that across the 4 clubs (the others being in US, Japan and Aus) they had 14 different companies and that they'd always find a way round FFP! :))


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Pep back to Barca please.

They're saying they're going to appeal it though so no doubt it'll get reduced/thrown out altogether.

last minute signing

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I'm going to guess what will happen is they'll appeal it, the 2 years will be suspended and they'll pay a larger fine.

Money wins, always.
Agreed, would be surprised if they actually need to serve this ban. If they do, should the EPL lose its 4th place, or will a 5th place team get a qualifying spot instead?


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I am glad a marker is finally being put down but if uefa is serious about this then let's be honest it's not just Man City.