Officially Free of Sports Direct


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As much as I wanted the boy to have his top first thing today,in the grand scheme of things after so many years of him having his claws in us through the shockingly bad deal,having our club shop at the stadium or taking us through the courts afterwards a few days delay in receiving the strip I can take without too much complaints.


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Proud of our support. It was down to us that forced him out.
I’ve absolutely no sympathy for the Newcastle fans, they keep funding him, buying the merchandise.


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When that heart attack finally catches up to him, I hope he spends an eternity in hell, getting arse raped by Satan using a pineapple as a strapon.


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The day he passes many people not just Rangers supporters will remember the horrible things that he did to hurt them and their families and be happy he's gone. The end. :))


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Bye Bye Badman

Soak me to my skin
Will you drown me in your sea
Submission ends and I begin
Choke me smoke the air
In this citrus sunken sunshine
I don't care you're not all there
Every backbone and heart you break
Will still come back for more
Submission ends it all
Here he come
Got no question got no love
I'm throwing stones at you man
I want you black and blue and
I'm gonna make you bleed
Gonna bring you down to your knees
Bye bye badman
Ooh bye bye

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Annoys me they’ll have the new kit on sale tomorrow and we have nowhere to buy them direct until the store opens.

Online orders placed tomorrow won’t be delivered until mid August (Castore confirmed this to me on instagram).

It really doesn't matter a %^*& in the grand scheme of things mate.

Anyone ignorant enough, or daft enough to buy from SD still ensures our club get top dollar for the purchase.

Gone are the days of a pishy few pence in the pound going to Rangers.

We are rid of him and that's all that matters.