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erskine bear

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3-0 Rangers, got a strong feeling Ciaran Dickson will be in the squad, maybe even on the bench.

Roofe, Alfie & Kent as the front 3 tomorrow.


Hopefully we can pick up the form we were showing before the international break.
Any kind of win will do


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Tav Goldson Helander Barisic

Jack Arfield Kamara

Aribo Morelos Kent

Really torn between Arfield/Aribo/Roofe. Arfield has a fantastic record against Aberdeen. Aribo is on fire. Roofe looks like the sort of player that could be a first name on the team sheet type - he has so many attributes. Also think Hagi has a lot to offer given the number of assists he has knocked out this season. Such brilliant options.

Rangers 2 - 0 Dolly Another game with no shots on Rangers goal please.


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For some reason the taig result has ramped up my nerves for tomorrow. The possibility of increasing the lead and upping the pressure in them would be a big statement tomorrow.
As i said in another thread, when they equalised today i thought of a game in the 2011 season when the taigs came back from a few goals down to draw at rugby park and we went to to blow a game at Ibrox v st mirren.

Any win will do tomorrow.


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Right from the whistle just do them Rangers, show no respect just play our game and believe that we can do this. A win tomorrow will crush them anything less gives them hope. The longer the game goes on without a goal the more pressure we will put on ourselves.

I do not want to see a steady and calm Rangers, I want one firing on all cylinders and every single man playing their part.


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I think there wont be too many goals tomorrow as if we get a couple of goals ahead we will see the game out rather than push for more. Clean sheet please as this will set us up and I think we have so many options to score. Pumping them would be great but as others have said the result is all that matters.


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I actually think we'll destroy them the norm, 4 or 5 nil. Usually a bit nervous but strangely not this time. I'll be totally shocked if we don't beat them convincingly.


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Not fussed for hammering them, I’ll be happy just to see us come out and put in a good confident performance - and hammer them.
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