The red card


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It wouldn’t have been a red in the 1980s, but those days are long gone.

That would be a red in any game of the last 20 years, as Ally said in commentary, it was an easy decision for the ref.


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It's August 1st 2020, we're not in back in the day.

Got to think how much of all the amazing footballers of older times would be even better if they had a bit of protection.
Yep .

But OP has a point it was allowable .

But not for the last 10 years .

I thought Ferguson’s challenge on Aribo was exactly same action , diff being he was co,img from behind him and got ball first . But . It is still disallowed in the rules I’m sure .

That is madden for you


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Maybe in the days of dirty Leeds United perhaps but thankfully those days are well past us and we value skill over hammer throwers.


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Well, all I can say is thankfully those days are long gone. Was nothing good about it and was a potential leg breaker.

As for the above, I agree Considine is a creepy big shitebag. :)) :)) :))