The red card

Texas ranger

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The video won’t play for me because of my location, but it’s already a red card from the still shot of it on post #54, never mind what comes next.

Valley Bluenose

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Ha ha you obviously didn’t play in the 70’s, have you Not seen the MOTD clip of Best beating 5 players, 3 of who’s ‘tackles’ were waist height? Good days to pl
Oh I played in the 70s mate. And in the 60s as well.:) The tackle was as clear a red as you are likely to see this season - or any other season. Only player I can think of who gets away with a tackle like that - is Scott Broon.:rolleyes:

Artful Dodger

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That little prick mcinnes couldn’t even tell the truth when asked.It was right in front of you ya wee prick.You’ll have to see it again will you?Fu*king banger hope they have a season from hell and go down.


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He seems to have been about for an absolute age. Always has been absolute guff and just a big lump with no real talent. He has done well getting over 500 appearances in professional football due to the fact he's a big dunderheid.


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One of the many reasons Scottish football is falling further and further behind the rest of the world is none of us would have been surprised if only a yellow was given.
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Ruben Sosa

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Straight leg with studs showing. Red all day.

Definite red card.
Arfield clearly in control and looking to put his foot on the ball to break the tackle.