Which was the better goal? Jelavic v Ehiogu

The better goal?

  • Jelavic

    Votes: 152 49.7%
  • Ehiogu

    Votes: 154 50.3%

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After yesterday's poll being a landslide, hoping this one is more of a debate.

Two 1-0 wins at difficult venues, 2 acrobatic overhead kicks that had us open mouthed as well as celebrating.

One a striker who has scored goals in many countries, the other a centre back scoring his only goal for the club.

But which is the better goal?



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Big Ugo's!
I remember the day after someone posted a screen grab from one of their forums about Ugo.
It simply said "They're not playing him are they?" there was probably a laughing emoji after it.


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Jelavic as it was all down to his ability, he knew exactly what he wanted to do and did it perfectly.
Big Ugo, for all it was a great goal and any goal against that mob is special it was essentially a hit and hope 999,999 times in a million that ball is in beside the bears!


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Got to be Jelavic because he meant exactly that. As someone posted Big Ugo's goal was more a hit and hope effort, plus Boruc could have done so much better. Still a brilliant goal though, but Jelavic was different class.

I actually thought Jelavic's bicycle kick/volley v Dunfermline was better.


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Jelavic for me. The way he got it lined up whilst backing in to the defender is sublime.

Ehiogu's, whilst stilla great goal, was more on instinct.