Who would you prefer to win the league cup ?

Who would you prefer to win the league cup ?

  • Hibs

    Votes: 9 1.0%
  • StJohnstone

    Votes: 304 32.9%
  • Livingston

    Votes: 583 63.1%
  • StMirren

    Votes: 63 6.8%

  • Total voters


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St Johnstone

Hate st midden as from paisley
Hivs- no explanation needed
Livi can get fecked due to resting half their team other night , should have won both games

Aye but, that half might have favoured yellateeths mhob so to look positively is to say the man in charge got it right.

Andrew webb

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Livingston first choice and play them early March first available midweek and not during our European game
st Johnstone v hibs extra time please
and as i work in paisley and st boo fc fans work with me hope they do not win it


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I’ll go Livi they’ve took 6 points of that mob from start of season B-) & I also like listening to their new coach I actually did my A-license with him last summer.


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Personally I wish good luck to whoever put us out , obviously with certain exceptions , there’s a story no matter who wins it .

I’d lean towards Hibs , as it represents Scottish football better if the better teams are winning the trophies .

Hibs? FFS!

HMS horse

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Would love to see a team smash hivs in the final then Thier fans invade the pitch causing mayhem to celebrate
Acht it's only over exuberance

Shxt forgot about the virus


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It’s a pity there is not an I don’t care box. I do not think I will watch any of the games. I will stick to EPL.
Miserable git I know.


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Unpopular choice but the spoon burners for me. Mostly because my brother in law who has become one of my best friends is one.

Neilston Unionist

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Livi. I’m pretty sure their League Cup win in 2004 containing the bold Marvin in the squad is their only top level trophy. I don’t harbour much hatred for the little teams in Scotland, I just wish they’d %^*& off with the pitch.


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Always hated Hibs but it’s been ramped up a notch in recent years.

St Mirren are riddled with shettleston harriers so always a no.

Don’t think St J stand a chance.


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Hibs - only time I wish them well is against their big inbred cousins not to mention the pitch invasion.
Livingston - Created by bheggers in my eyes and never a real team although impressed with them in last week ))
St Midden - 1985 and I grew up in Paisley.....Booooooooo
St Johnstone - Lesser of a few evils )

Brother Arch

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Livi. BA Jnr plays for the Community club and they are good to us. Use us for ball boys, give free tickets etc. A decent club

The Royal Standard

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My preference would be St Johnstone.
Tidy wee stadium, grass pitch and they do extremely well considering the diabolical support they get from the people around the Perthshire area


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Livi for me. Martindale is an interesting character, we need more of them in the game, I’d like to see how his story develops given his history and his endeavours to be rehabilitated through football after doing time.

St Johnstone next.

Hibs and St Mirren, no thanks.


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St Johnstone, because they hate us the least of them all in my opinion.
St Mirren can you fcuk themselves.
Livi can go fcuk themselves with their plastic pitch.
His can go fcuk themselves into oblivion after their exuberance last time that they got away with.


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It should have been our name on that cup and I’m still very disappointed we didn’t approach that game in the right way to put us on the way to a treble

ill go for st johnstone or livi but deep down couldn’t really care

just don’t want hibs winning it


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St Boo knocked out the best team so they probably deserve it however Livingston would be my choice out of what's left.
Livingston for me. Not only have they done well against that mob but I like Martindale. Plus, what a message it sends out to any young people who are in or just out of the jail. There’s a guy who’s made some bad choices in his life but he’s got back on the straight and narrow and could potentially lead a team to silverware.