Won’t be popular but I think we should off load Lafferty


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Lafferty’s been a bit part player so far for us this season.

20 minutes and the odd start here and there aren’t going to lead to many goals for many players at the level we can afford at the moment.

I think on the whole he’s been fine and has shown some pretty good spells of link up play although I realise that some will see that as grasping at straws.

He’s a good option to have imo and I wouldn’t be offloading him, we can’t this month anyway, any time soon.


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I must admit I was never a fan of his coming back for a second spell and now I really don’t see where he fits into this team.

I would take the first offer that came in for him
We're trying to build a squad to win the league this year, yet some folk would prefer we strip the squad down.

Morelos will cop a suspension at some point through the totting up process and what happens if it coincides with an injury to Defoe?

Have you forgotten what happened in the League Cup Semi Final when our 2 top strikers were out?

Remember who our striker was?

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Unlike a lot of players who come to us, the jersey does not weigh the big lad down and he’s already demonstrating that it’s more important to be fighting for a place with us than cruising with a lesser club. I’d personally prefer he stayed.


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In hoping he forms a partnership with Defoe, ala Crouch!!
As others have said, he hasn’t woke up yet, that happens as the title run gets hotter, well from previous experience anyway!
Joking aside, I don’t think he has had much opportunity to get any real form, as Alfie has rightly had the shirt. Given a run, he may just get in the groove quicker.

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Nobody would give us money for him and probably wouldn't get a club to match his wage, so we would have to pay him off.
Lafferty comes to life between April & May for title run ins.


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His performance when he came on at half time against Aberdeen changed my mind on him. Still convinced he was trying his best to get sent off. Don't think he can be trusted.


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It was a bit of a panic signing and a waste of money. He has never been prolific & never been good enough for Rangers.

Hardie is a better option right now.


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No chance, he's had some good strikes, just not scored. Football is unpredicatble, something could happen to Alfie (hopefully not) and you have Laff & Defoe hitting it off!


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I think Lafferty and Defoe could be a good partnership.

I haven't been hugely impressed with him so far but, tbf, he's not had a run in the team.

If anything happens to Morelos we need him.


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Celtic have been better than us for the last while in large part due to their excellent squad depth. They had good backups for most positions.

We finally have excellent squad depth and people want players binned. Lafferty will force Morelos and Defoe to be at their very best.

Not to mention if one of the two gets an injury then we need a good 3rd striker. Lafferty is also a different type of striker than Defoe or Morelos.

Simply, it would be madness to sell Kyle


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We need 3 decent strikers to pick from.

Hardie isn’t ready to lead the line against the tarriers, for example.

If he doesn’t kick a ball, no harm done.

But, if we get an injury to Morelos or Defoe, I know who I’d want to turn to in the title run in.


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Lafferty is a very good, and a very experienced player. He's made a good contribution so far, and has further contributions to make.
The squad needs quality in depth. That's how titles are won. Up front there's no doubt we now have quality in depth. Lafferty must stay!