Andy Halliday and the celtic fan on clyde


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Such a typical tarrier on so many levels. Not happy with their lot or the fact they have only dropped 2 points. There is a real thirst to get a Rangers fan to say they are worried about the tims. Always about Rangers. Inferiority complex is crystal clear.


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Good point well made Andy. And as a bonus the rabid Tim on to discuss his favourite subject got cut off before he could reply or make his second point (no doubt about us too)


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Pathetic on so many levels ,

Frank I know you will be snooping this thread as you sit and read how scared we are before you have your sugar puffs tonight , so I have this simple message :

Dear Frank ,




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Andy is genuinely too smart for your average Tarrier.

That old, pish stained fud would be wise to stop calling in.


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Should have been cut off for insulting the man. Outrageous behaviour. Can't wait until that lot are back in their box.

I stopped listening years ago. I do remember a couple of incidents tho, a Rangers fan called in and called Neil Lennon a "crackpot" - he was instantly cut off. A tim called in and called Dave King "despicable" and yet was allowed to ramble on for however many minutes. Funny that.
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