Lawrence out until at least March


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More bad news, does anyone know if clubs are insured for player injuries? Must be costing club a fortune on wages for players that can’t play. hopefully we have some protection


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I remember years ago some timbo visited Africa and got a witch doctor to put a curse on us
We’ve a nothing but shit luck since


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Pretty galling news, have to be honest.

Goals from midfield / attacking midfield don’t exist. As I said yesterday or day before, fucking Ramsey was 4th top midfield scorer in the league last season.

Everyone was miles behind Aribo who of course is gone.

Lawrence was a VERY important signing, started really well.

It’s fucking awful news to have it confirmed.

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This and a new manager surely means some decent investment will be needed in January. Not always the best market to shop in but there's always good players available if you're smart. Sadly, we have Ross Wilson...


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Seriously, is there a team in world history that has had so many knee injuries?


I remember Klos, Mols. Who else?


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The medical team needs re-evaluated asap, it’s clear the training methods were off so that problem has been removed now find out what these amateurs are actually doing behind the scenes.