Negri or mols

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Mols scored 13 in three months and had barely got going.

He'd have been mid 20s at least come January 99.

That's aside from the umpteen levels of ability above Negri he was...
I agree mols was unbelievable in his 3 months before that bloody night in Munich and would of went on to become a legend for us.
By same token if negri has carried on his scoring exploits he could of possible broke all scoring records in that season.
No doubt mols the better player by far but negri was just a pure goal machine(for 5 months)


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A blind man could tell you Mols was a far superior footballer.
We had both at top of form for around a 6 month spell and as good a goal scorer as Negri was, Mols was unplayable at the top level of the game.

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Negri had all the credentials to become an absolute legend for us but for reasons apparently unknown, his Rangers career went south rapidly.
Mols was also on track to be a bona fide Rangers Legend (if he isn't one already) but his career was cruelly cut short.
If both players had managed to successfully see out their terms to the full it might have been a close call but the way things actually panned out, it's Mickey Mols for question!


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Strange reaction this thread. Comparing a goal a game striker to another great striker using a comparison of stale stensas v numan?

Who done more for Rangers, that is easy it was Mols. Who was a dick at Ibrox, Negri. But these weren't the questions.

The saddest part is we seen neither of them fulfil their potential.


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Totally different types but shouldn't even be a debate, Mols was levels above Negri and could have been anything in the game if it wasn't for that injury!! Loved him as a player for us, any time he got the ball you had that anticipation/excitement knowing what he could do!! Especially back to goal with that turn of his, genuine world class and a Rangers legend in my eyes, one of my favourite ever players!!


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Mols for me. Marco had the better scoring record but Michael offered much more to the team. I’m also influenced by the fact my son chose Mols on his shirt. He said it was because he liked him. Me? I thought it was because it was cheaper!

PS I saw him do that touch and turn in the Legends match against Liverpool. Not only did it roll the years back, it also showed some of today’s players how football should be played.


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Mols avoids injury that night and he’d be talked about amongst our greatest ever players.
He could do things that were truly jaw dropping on a football pitch.

He avoids Kahn that night and we would have beaten Bayern and had a real chance of going far in the CL.

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Quick someone start a thread so I can find out who you’d pick between Morelos and Sandaza!

It’s Mols by the length of the Clyde, he’s one of the most gifted players I’ve ever had the privilege to watch.

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I'd take Mols, but alot of folk commenting are forgetting how good Negri was in that half season.

He didn't get 30 odd off his arse. Lobs, both feet, headers, tap ins, shots on the turn, shots from distance were all going in with frightening regularity.

He would just get the ball somewhere and then it would be in the net. At the time I loved him not celebrating - thought he was just an ice cold goalscorer.


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The first game I was at after Mols signed was a 3-0 win at home v Aberdeen.

There was a couple of hundred Utrecht fans in the Broomloan who had travelled all the way from Holland to thank Mols for what he had done for their club. That’s how good Michael Mols was in his prime.


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Negri could have got us 10 in a row if it wasn’t for his mystery eye injury in December. He had scored 30 goals up to then. Still not explained properly as far as I’m concerned.

Mols all day long.


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Imagine both fit and on form for us :oops:

Negroi doesn't get his eye injury we probably win 10IAR, dick comes in, buys Mols and with that pairing upfront we do something special in Europe.

If and buts of course but that pairing would be frighteningly good imo


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I struggle to get the Mols all day long etc.

The question was "at their prime."
Negri was head and shoulders above anything we had had since maybe Jim Forrest in the scoring stakes. 30 goals. How many could he have gotten? The man was a goal machine that season. Pure and simple.

For that reason he wins the question asked by the OP.
Anyone disagree?

However i still love Mols just for his smile and love for the game which moody baws never showed.

Forget emotions guys. Numbers show Negri was better than Mols.

Debate i am wrong and why.


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Not sure if serious op,Michael mould is the best upcoming star I’ve ever seen play at Ibrox,followed only by Alfredo Morelos.In fact I was adamant at the time that moms was only leaving us for the likes of Man Utd,Bayern,and Real,again Very similar to how I feel about Alfredo.
But Mols was much better,Mols played like a striker who had technique the world had never seen before,and I mean that,before Mickey I had never seen a CF move defenders like he could.