Match Thread Rangers v Celtic - 12:30 Saturday - Sky Sports


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My heart fecking sank when i thought they scored in the second half,was just like a goal when i seen the flag for offside,love it!!!
Scott brown needs to play every week,he is crucial to how pish they play when he is there.
Broony deserves at least a 3 year deal i reckon


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I thought we were brilliant we were in their faces all day and never gave them a minute best game we've had against them in years, we deserved everything today and with the Bromloan full of bears it made a difference all right
The team and the fans were exceptional today, a massive change from midweek.

Rangers have given us a line in the sand by producing their best performance of the season. They now must live up to those expectations for the rest of the season.

Well done Bears.
I have to be honest and admit I didn't think we were capable of a team performance like that-that was exceptional and to a man they all delivered.

Halliday,Arfield and Jack though,wow!
That was my thoughts too. I didn’t think we had that score in us, let alone that stunning performance The fact that no one on the dark side can complain about the result says it all.

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That today is like a drug. The high of scoring is incomparable and then the come down is actually quite draining, and this is coming from someone who’s never done any drugs. A day I’ll never forget.


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FF is not a place to be after we have dropped points,sertainly not the place to be after a shit result against them.
As it is i am lapping it up and loving the fact we will only get stronger after a rest and a few additions.
My first Old Firm victory. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. And what made it all the sweeter, in BF, was being able to experience it all alongside the brilliant people I stand with all season instead of being dumped somewhere else in the stadium. A triumph.
This mate couldn’t sit with sounder folk will never move.


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First opportunity to log into FF today - absolutely delighted with our team and every single player, our supporters and the management team.
A comprehensive victory that the modest scoreline does no justice to. I was going to say the tarriers got spanked but knowing that they would have enjoyed that let’s just say they were dominated from start to finish.


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Shizzle me nizzle,i am fucking battered,had an amazing day and night.
Goodnight boys and i will be buying the sunday mail tomorrow to read all about our slaying of the beaats,the blank giving them any cash will be ignored for two days.


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I'm on for the first time today, having had a very liquid evening last night And suffering the consequences today.

I cried when we scored and again at the final whistle.

We were fucking incredible today. I have been as proud in the past, but never prouder. Andy Halliday and Ryan Jack. Two of our own, both simply outstanding..
Gerrard out-coached and out-classed Brenda today. I love him and can’t wait until he really gets going soon.

However one thing - the Coullibaly substitution today made us wobbly, it’s like Coullibaly hadn’t watched the game or been told to play up and press the ball on defense. Could’ve been bad.
I'm one of those who grew up when beating them was just something that happened, probably even took it for granted. It was really sobering at full time when I realised there's some of our young fans who might never have experienced that feeling before. We are back and We Are The People
What a day WE de
That today is like a drug. The high of scoring is incomparable and then the come down is actually quite draining, and this is coming from someone who’s never done any drugs. A day I’ll never forget.
As someone who has done drugs lol
It's better than any drug being in ibrox when the ball hit the back of the net watp.
watching the whole game now..

its amazing how much Ian Crocker is urging Celtic to get forward to score and is amazed when they don't, he talks like they are Barcelona or Real Madrid

also Andy Wanker just loves to complain about Morelos, but when Brown down the exact same thing its completely ignored


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I genuinely thought we'd regret not finishing another one of our chances.

I celebrated a lot of tackles as if they were goals one point Candeias chased three of their defenders until they kicked it straight out the park and I was fucking buzzing after that!
I agree with Neil McCann, I would love to see the running stats for Rangers today, Halliday, Arfield, Kent, Morelos and Candeias put in some shifts (as did the rest)

absolutely buzzing


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Was working and have only now had a chance to watch the game on Rangers TV. Our team were magnificent today! Every one of them! That is how a Rangers team plays! We put them to the sword and it was just magnificent to watch! Andy Halliday deserves a special mention considering the vilification that he has had on this forum at times. He was outstanding! Steven Gerrard had his finest day as a Rangers manager. I think he has proved a lot of the doubters wrong with his prematch and game tactics. It's only going to get better bears.