Match Thread ** Rangers v Hearts -12:30 Sunday 22nd - Sky Sports **


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Good to get a win. Even better she the spoon burners and sheep expected us to drop points today.

Cummings has to start next week. Windass has to stay on the bench.
Without a doubt he's consistent and superb. And funnily enough I had a debate with a guy in the Club Deck defending Windass haha luckily for me it was right before he went on his superb run of form scoring a load so it made me look like I knew what I was talking about, Windass annoys me so much because he is a tremendous footballer with potential but he doesn't want to do any dirty work or show that he even cares which is irritating as hell and as much as I do like him he's a player we can't afford to play when we are up against it better bringing him on when we are 3-0 up in a game.
Shows flashes of brilliance but like you say he’s a player we can’t afford to keep playing, I’d sell him if someone showed interest


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Decent performance after a very difficult week. Thought Candieas, Murphy and Cummings all did well.

Gives everyone a big of space to prepare for next week
2-1 going on 6-1 in that second half.

Much better performance, Dorrans, Murphy and Candeias the stand outs. Thought Holt did well enough too but for some poor decision making in final third.

Glad to get the three points. Enjoy the rest of your weekend bears.
Crocker said we’ve scored the most goals in the league. 2 more than them when it was 0-0, so 4 more. When you ship goals like that you wouldn’t know! CB must be a priority for any new manager. Possible keeper too.