Rangers v Marseille match thread RTV only

Big Hepy

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What's the deal with Marseille btw? Second friendly in recent times and it's not like we have, or ever will, a good relationship with the club due to past actions
I was talking to a bluenose apprentice in my work about the pre season friendlies and said I was surprised we were playing Marseille again. He didn't have a clue about the Champions League stuff. Made me feel like an auld cun.t. I am one obviously.


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Ooft! Seemingly @DocStone 'forgot' he was supposed to do the match threads recently. Has he been caught napping again? Or is old age finally catching up with him LOL?;):)

I reckon it will be an entertaining but not particularly competitive match. As you'd expect really. 2-1 to Rangers.
I reckon Doc Stone is still in pre-season training. A bit of light web surfing and filling some spreadsheets for now. Back in for the bigger games.


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Was thinking taking the kids to their 1st game (7 & 3) how easy is it likely to be to get in with the pay at the gate?
Might be an idea how many tickets sold?
Best to get there early tb, there were only a couple of turnstyles open last week at each end of the Copland rear, I joined the q at 2.40 and didn't get in until 3.05

Provably better getting in at 2 and trying to keep the kids occupied than waiting outside with them
Caved in and decided to buy a months unlimited. Figured getting at least 6 games for £17.25 is not a bad deal.
I'm sure you are aware mate, since you subscribe already I think, but its a monthly recurring subscription. Remember to downgrade/cancel at the end of the first month. I suspect you will love it so much you will stick with Unlimited ha ha.
Play our First 11 first half, Second 11 second half. I hope Stevie will be ruthless and use today as a training match not an exhibition match. I want us to win the first half by at least one goal and keep a clean sheet, don't really care what the score is at full time. I am not interested in being the best team in Scotland during preseason. Just want 55, be ruthless Stevie ruthless.

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