Who was your Rangers hero as a wean?


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I had that picture on my bedroom wall for a few years.

My hero is complicated.
Apparently I decided at the age of 4 my hero was Andy Penman, for the reason he wore number 8 and that was my favourite number. As good a reason as any.
But within a couple years, a 16yr old Derek Johnstone scored the League Cup Final winner and Rangers won their first trophy in my memory. For the rest of the 70s he remained my favourite player.
On saying that, the captain and our leader all through my Rangers childhood was John Greig. He bled Royal Blue. He refused to ever give up. He lifted trophies, including the ECWC, and carried himself in a way I worshipped. DJ was my favourite player, but John Greig MBE was my hero.

And he sort of still is.


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David Wilson, in the early sixties I wrote a letter to him,enclosing a stamped addressed envelope. A few days later it arrived back with the entire famous team's autographs and a nice note of appreciation.A true gentleman,Ranger and all round good guy.

Porto bear

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Under the age of 12 it would be Bud Johnston.

Then Derek Johnstone & Doddie who were my favs in my teenage years.


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Born in the mid 80s. When I was around 7 or 8 it was Hateley. Everyone in school loved and wanted to be Ally but I thought the big man had everything and was more of a handful. My old man met him on holiday in the late 90s and told him the same. Apparently he was quite chuffed :))

Then it was God. Looking back with a better understanding I now prefer watching Gazza, though.


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Tam Forsyth, I had a cracking pennant of his when I was 7, one of my first Rangers memorabilia then it could only be Davie Cooper as we moved into the 80's.

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Ham and egg for me remember photos of me and my brothers out the back with our Rangers strips on and pretending to be John Greig

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Jimmy Millar.
The first Rangers poster I ever had on my wall as a kid was a great pic of Millar cut from the front cover of that years Playing for Rangers annual!


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Cooper, the only shining light in a dreadful period pre Souness. To be honest, anybody that showed a semblance of skill or performed regularly became a hero in the late seventies early eighties.


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I was Willie Henderson as a lad, but I never understood why all the big people preferred Slim Jim.
Later as I matured I would come to understand.
Jim was, of course, the hero of any Scottish youth in the 1960's.
I did say 'Scottish'!!!

Rangers have had great players over the years and today, who doesn't love Alfie?


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Davie Cooper & Ian Ferguson. I absolutely loved Fergie, we had the same dentist and at 10 or 11 that was good enough for me to believe we had a bond.