Match Thread ** Rangers v Kilmarnock - 15:00 Saturday 5th - **


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Lets not forget, JN & JJ have been by Murty's side, Maybe they are all as useless as each other?

That team would suggest it although the 2 up top is positive.

Some of those players have a brass neck even turning up.

I was supposed to be at the game today but called into work at late notice, and last night I was thinking I wonder if they will have the audacity to do a lap of honour after the game.

Because believe me, that lot deserve not one fan to stay behind and clap them, they deserve nothing.
I understand the Mccrorie decision to help his confidence etc but to allow Martin to continue is frightening. Young Ross must think he's been blamed for the 2 pumpings if that liability is playing instead!


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Unless one of morelos or cummings is going to play quite deep we're going to get totally overrun here. I thought JN might have set us up to be a bit more solid but doesn't look to be the case. Still think we can win if we pin them back but that will depend on the players being up for it o_O
Is Alves hurt or is it that he can't be bothered playing again before the World Cup in case he gets injured. As far as the rest of them are concerned, enjoy the atmosphere today because you won't be in front of that sort of crowd at Exeter,Luton or Mansfield next season.
He's not long back into training and he's been pretty hopeless fitness wise since he signed so must have been judged as too high a risk to start.


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It would be fair to say

Dave King is absolutely buzzing
In the directors box 15 minutes early
Speaking to anyone that wants to speak
Standing 10 feet tall

Congratulations. Hope Monday sends us higher.


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King still maintaining that the squad is better than results suggest.

I sort of agree but we have absolutely no on the field leadership.
This squad should be second, quite comfortably IMO so it's fair to say they have under performed.

Remaining games are an opportunity for this squad to play for their careers either at Rangers or elsewhere.


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Midfield is terrible at picking up the second ball.

Long balls from Killie and it drops and a Killie player is first to it almost every time.

DM required.


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Considering their budget, Killie have a decent team and are set up well. Some patience required here. I hope the heads don't drop. Jimmy nic seems to be active on the sidelines, keeping them on their toes.


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No he’s no mate
He had 2 bad games and hasn’t been seen since and you can blame good old murtys tactics for both games.
2 games where his mistakes (carbon coby of each other) cost us 3 goals, all of them vital.

Spraying a couple of passes about while your 2 goals up, Couple of assists against Ayr United and a Free kick simply don't make up for it.

The boy is weak, lacks presence, lacks the knowledge of tracking runs, lacks fight.

He is shite from what Iv seen for us.


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Little to be enthused by so far. It's not that we're playing that poorly but you hope for something more given the circumstances.

You wonder how many will start the new League season under Gerrard - maybe a couple...